In our day to day lives, we tend to pick up toxic and harmful energy that I like to call “sludge.” It tends to sit on our energy, slowing seeping in causing problems along the way. Sludge that eventually makes its way inwards can create energetic blockages resulting in any number of issues.

But sludge isn’t the only way thing that can cause blockages and anomalies in our energy. They can also come from past lives, traumatic events, painful events, mental health issues, and/or health issues. These things may even cause energetic wounds that unless healed, we carry within us.

These blocks, anomalies, and wounds all seem to have impacts on our lives, even though science has yet to prove it. And for those of us who tend to be more sensitive, the impacts are even greater.

So how do you get rid of these things? With Reiki!

Reiki is a gentle and powerful energy that breaks down blockages, heals energetic wounds, and propels one towards growth. It is versatile and precise. (Learn more about reiki here.)

If you are adjusting to a new life situation, seems to be having a run of back luck, or are just looking for a boost and extra support through loving energy, then a little reiki is what you need!

Single Reiki Sessions:

 60 minutes

 30 minutes

Hear what others have said about getting Reiki with me:

“I usually just relax right before and during our sessions so that there aren’t any distractions while Shelby is working on me. During the session, I tend to feel more tired and drained than when we began, and that is probably because Shelby is working with my energy. Afterwards, I drink a lot of water, because reiki sessions make me thirsty. (I’d like to say here that even when there are distractions – i.e. my mother deciding to have a long chat with me – the session is still very much effective!)

Most of the effects of my sessions come after rest, when I am well-rested and my energy is recharged. I tend to feel much more calm than I’d felt the day before. It sometimes feels like something is missing, but it’s been replaced with much calmer energy (which I don’t miss much before the other energy was usually hateful).

Results are usually received a half an hour to an hour after a session. These emailed results are usually eye-opening and, if you’re like me and you internalize a lot of emotions and memories, can remind you of things you forgot happened to you or to a family member. Shelby’s results are very thorough and she tends to give advice with them, which is extremely helpful.

Shelby is also very quick with responding to emails in general, and our sessions are scheduled hours after filling out a request form.

I want to commend Shelby for this, and I can’t wait to order another session soon!”


“On the point about my outer layers being filled with sludge, I can understand. I rarely do cleanses, and regularly use an energetic shield for protection that cuts off my aura from its outer layers. My energetic flow may have been affected by that action, and gunk may have built up. I’ll look into conducting cleanses more often – if you have any suggestions on how to go about that, I’d be willing to listen. I am somewhat surprised that my fourth layer was clean and my fifth was not. Is there a possible explanation for this? Your observations on the state of my inner self being in turmoil while my exterior remained calm and collected is pretty much spot on! I was quite surprised that you picked it up, but I feel somewhat concerned about the fact that you noted whatever blockage was going on was moving around. Does that suggest something about the issues that I’m dealing with are more nebulous or that I’m in some ways enabling this blockage myself? I certainly felt my energy calm down after your session! I was working that night (unfortunately, things happened beyond my control), and while chatting with coworkers I could sense that inner peace that you mentioned. Needless to say I really enjoyed the feeling, and I’m so glad to have purchased this reading and Reiki session! There are always so many questions I have when I really start looking into things, and I must admit that I have almost no experience with Reiki at all. You’ve opened my eyes to quite an interesting field of study, and I thank you so much for that. If you recommend any further follow up services, I’ll consider purchasing them in the future.” – Anonymous

“Amazing- very vivid and cathartic to the point of being transformational. I always felt a resounding sense of peace and clarity afterwards, and this would continue well after the session. Shelby is an amazing healer!!” – Devon G.