In our day to day lives, we tend to pick up toxic and harmful energy that I like to call “sludge.” It tends to sit on our energy, slowing seeping in causing problems along the way. Sludge that eventually makes its way inwards can create energetic blockages resulting in any number of issues.

But sludge isn’t the only way thing that can cause blockages and anomalies in our energy. They can also come from past lives, traumatic events, painful events, mental health issues, and/or health issues. These things may even cause energetic wounds that unless healed, we carry within us.

These blocks, anomalies, and wounds all seem to have impacts on our lives, even though science has yet to prove it. And for those of us who tend to be more sensitive, the impacts are even greater.

So how do you get rid of these things? With Reiki!

Reiki is a gentle and powerful energy that breaks down blockages, heals energetic wounds, and propels one towards growth. It is versatile and precise. (Learn more about reiki here.)

If you are adjusting to a new life situation, seems to be having a run of back luck, or are just looking for a boost and extra support through loving energy, then a reiki package is what you need!


arrow 2 Reiki Intensive Package – 6 weekly sessions
This package is well, intense. It is good for high stress periods in life such as:

  • Lots of projects at work
  • Beginning or end of school
  • Finals
  • Moving
  • Beginning or end of pregnancy
  • Intense health/mental health episodes
  • Transitioning
  • And other major life transitions

Reiki Packages - Intensive

arrow 2 Reiki Sustained Package – 4 biweekly sessions
This package is a step down from the first. It can be used to move down from the intensive package or is good for medium stress periods like:

  • During the school semester
  • Early/mid stages of wedding planning
  • Low stress moving
  • During pregnancy or getting into the swing of being home after birth
  • Post-transitioning
  • And other low-medium stress situations

Reiki Packages - Sustained

arrow 2 Reiki Maintenance Package – 2 monthly sessions
This package is the least intensive package. It is more like a monthly check-up/energy boost when used as a step down from the Sustained Package. The Maintenance Package is also good for:

  • Low stress periods
  • An added item to your own practices of self care, cleansing, etc.
  • A boost towards achieving goals
  • And sustaining progress made over previous more intense periods of sessions

Reiki Packages - Maintenance


Single Reiki Sessions also available!

arrow 2 60 minutes

Reiki Packages - Single Session

arrow 2 30 minutes

Reiki Packages - Single Session 30 minutes