Reiki Biz Boost Bundle

Everything is made of energy. Including your business.

You and your clients can feel this energy. And if it isn’t feeling good, then no one wants to interact with your business, not even you.

And you know you are POWERFUL so you can affect and change the energy in your business.

(If you haven’t watched the Up Your Biz Energy video series yet, where we went over all of this, then you can get access here for free!)




You are POWERFUL, but you don’t have to do it alone. Let me help you to affect and change the energy in your business with the Reiki Biz Boost Bundle!


I’m Shelby Melissa – Spiritual Coach, Energy Alchemist, and Intuition Queen. I became a Reiki Master on January 1, 2015. Reiki is an energy work tradition born out of Japan, and it allows me to shift and change energies – in person, across the world, or even through the internet. But most importantly, all of this – the spiritual coaching, the reiki, and the intuition – allow me to serve you!




Do you want your business feeling like a big YES to your clients?
Do you want your business feeling like ease and flow?
Do you want waves of inspiration every time you work on your business?

Then get access to the Reiki Biz Boost Bundle!

In this bundle you will:
– work with the energy of your business
– visualize your intentions
– magnetize your business to your dream clients
– ground your business for quick and easy release of gunky, yucky energy
– clear energetic blocks keeping you and your biz stuck
– boost your biz’s energy for increased inspiration and action


You get four Reiki infused videos where as you walk through the meditations and visualizations with me, you are receiving luscious Reiki energy for your biz. The videos help to shift and support the energies that you want in your business.

It is like self care, for your biz!

The videos include:

  • Grounding. I walked you through this in Video Three of the Up Your Biz Energy series. If your biz roots did not seem to grow, or were not at a length that feels good, this video helps to speed up the process and produce bigger results!
  • Clearing. We also walked through this in Video Three of the Up Your Biz Energy series, but again. If there seems to be some trouble energy, get a Reiki boost and blast it out of there!
  • Boost. In this video, the intention is to give you extra energy in your business for doing things like creating and speeding through tasks.
  • Align + Magnetize. This video is going to be magic for you. This is where we align your biz with the energy your clients need and then your biz is magnetized with Reiki to attract those clients in!

Each video is between 10 and 15 minutes long.


When you purchase this bundle, you get all of these videos and any new ones I add in the future. You get lifelong access AND a bigger bundle over time!


This bundle is valued at $47!

But because this is such an amazing bundle and I WANT you to have the tools to make changes in your biz. To boost it into the next level.

I’m taking $20 off the price!

That means, you get this amazing, divine bundle for ONLY $27!
How good is that! I invite you to click the button and say “YES!” to boosting your biz!

Boost Your Biz - Reiki Biz Boost Bundle

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