Reiki Biz Boost Bundle Videos

I’m sooo glad you are taking the step to boost your biz with some divine and luxurious Reiki!

Your business was designed with a purpose. And that purpose is sacred to me. I want to support you so you can follow your dreams, build a successful biz around that purpose, and live a beautiful and change-creating life! And it is such an honor!



Without further ado, here are your videos!
Each one was created with a magical intention. So read the title and descriptions of each to get an idea of what they are about! I recommend going through them in the order laid out for you, but you can jump around and follow your intuition!


The Intention of this video is to help you ground your business. This allows for energy to flow in your business without becoming stagnant and allows for energy you don’t want in it to leave more easily.

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The intention for this video is to clear your business of any unwanted energies and then bring in the energies that you do want.

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The intention for this video is to boost your creative and action energy so you can be in that state of creative flow and check things off your to-do list.

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Aligning and Magnetizing
The intention for this video is to align your business and your clients while magnetizing your business so the clients come in quickly and easily.

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Again, this is your resources page. You can come back here at any time.
And if I add any more videos in the future, they will be here for you as well to access.

So make sure you bookmark this page! And tell me how things are going in the Mystic Seekers Circle!


You’ve done so much work in and for your business! I’m so proud of you!

But sometimes we can still get stuck and we need that personalized level of attention for our business.

So if you are stuck or just looking to go to the next level, then let’s give your biz a bit of magic!

In the Biz Magic session, you will receive personalized Reiki to your business and strategic support around planning your next steps to continue raising up your business so you can change people’s lives!

The session is 1.5 hours long, with one hour dedicated to Reiki and a half hour dedicated to support and planning. Many clients have found clarity and received clients during our sessions! It happens like magic!

Read more about these sessions, and what others have said about it here!