Boost Your Biz Bundle – Access Granted

I’m sooo glad you are taking the step to boost your biz with some divine and luxurious Reiki! Your business was designed with a purpose. And that purpose is sacred to me. I want to support you so you can follow your dreams, build a successful biz around that purpose, and live a beautiful and change-creating life! And it is such an honor!
Without further ado, here is your content!

Start Here! With the You are an Energy Changer Video Series!

This video series is great because it helps to just lay things out and give you the foundation for the rest of this bundle!

Video 1 – Energy Foundation

– Given the definition we discussed on the video, what else would you add to the definition?
– What energy fields are you interacting with on any given day? (Crystals? People? Animals? Things? Organizations? Etc.?)
– What things do you do to cleanse your energy? What about to protect your energy?
Try out this Implicit Bias test to begin reflecting on your biases.  This will give you some information to begin reflecting on. You may have emotional reactions to pieces of this test. Know your limit.
– Go do something to care for yourself and your energy! <3

Video 2 – Collective Energy

– What collective energies are you a part of?
– Practice the bubble activity.
– Try calling in your own energy. What does that look like?

Video 3 – Thoughts + Energy

– What thoughts or beliefs do you repeat to yourself? Maybe take inventory over the course of a day and see what thoughts come up, especially about yourself and about the world.
– Are those thoughts/beliefs helpful or limiting? If they are limiting, what new thoughts or beliefs can you create to replace them?
Try this limiting belief worksheet to help!
In the first column, write down the limiting belief. In the second column, you’ll transform that belief into something helpful. For example: “I’m not good enough” becomes “Of course I’m good enough! I’m good enough just because I’m me!”

Video 4 – Actions + Energy

– Prepare to cleanse your energy using your prefered method. If you need some ideas, check out this blog post I wrote on cleansing! It’ll help you get started. So, gather your supplies, or draw your bath. Take note of your energy before you begin to cleanse your energy – so before you light your incense or before you get into the tub. Then cleanse yourself. And take note of your energy again after. What differences do you notice?
– Think about a collective energy you listed in your previous homework. What actions are being taken by that collective entity – the organization, the company, the town, country, etc. What do you think the impacts of those actions are on that collective energy and the people within it?
– What actions do you think or want to take, and how do you think those affect your energy or a collective energy? What things can you do to shift energy?

Up next is the Up Your Biz Energy Video Series!

This series is the energy work and understanding above directly applied to your business.

Up Your Biz Energy Video 1

Take some time to think about the questions below. Dive into them when you journal. Take conscious moments throughout your day to record your answers to these questions multiple times.
– When you think about your biz, how do you feel?
– When you are interacting with your biz (working on it, thinking about it, etc), how do you feel?
– What energies do you think your clients are picking up in your biz from you?
These questions are designed to help you become more aware and intentional about the energy you bring to your business.

Up Your Biz Energy Video 2

– Do the Grounding and Centering meditation in the video.
– Find a second way you can change your energy. What things make you happy? What things feel cleansing to you? Do some experimenting and see what you like. Then add that to your routine and commit – be it once a week, every couple of days, or once a month.
It is important to change your energy because even if we work within the energy of your business, you are still a huge influence on your business. Remember, You Are POWERFUL!

Up Your Biz Energy Video 3

– Do the Grounding activity and tune into the roots of your business.
– Journal on how you want you business to feel. What do you want your clients to feel when interacting with your business? (viewing your website, watching your videos, buying your products or services, etc)
– Do the Clearing activity and tune into the energy within your business. Clear out energies you don’t want and infuse it with energies that you do want that you journaled on.
Doing the homework, especially number three, will help to shift the energy within your business quickly. If something doesn’t feel right, clear it quickly. But remember to check in with your energy, because you are powerful and have an influence on your business too.

Now, we have some really good stuff!

The next four videos are part of the Reiki Biz Boost video series. These four videos are designed as reiki meditations – you get to listen and relax, while I guide you through a meditation experience and send you luscious reiki energy. I recommend doing them as often as you feel will help you. For example, maybe go through the Grounding and Clearing videos once or twice to start off, then watch Boosting once if you are feeling good, and watch Magnetize and Align everyday for a week or everyday during a launch.

Grounding Biz Boost
The Intention of this video is to help you ground your business. This allows for energy to flow in your business without becoming stagnant and allows for energy you don’t want in it to leave more easily.
Clearing Biz Boost
The intention for this video is to clear your business of any unwanted energies and then bring in the energies that you do want.
Boosting Biz Boost
The intention for this video is to boost your creative and action energy so you can be in that state of creative flow and check things off your to-do list.
Aligning and Magnetizing Biz Boost
The intention for this video is to align your business and your clients while magnetizing your business so the clients come in quickly and easily.

Your Ideal Schedule

I created my hourly calendar pdf as way to help bring in the energy of my future self, the Shelby that had already hit my business goals and was onto the next thing. To basically do what that Shelby is doing.

For example, my ideal schedule has me waking up at 8am, exercise 2-3 days a week, meditating 6-7 days a week but on the schedule for 7 days, Reiki time for myself and my biz 3 days a week. And so, I actually schedule that time in. Because I want to make sure I get to it.

Now that you know a bit about energy, and have implemented it, I wanted to share this calendar with you so that you can do the same!

Download this pdf, print it out, and then put in your ideal schedule. When do you want to watch the Biz Boost videos? (I suggest watching these regularly.) What else is important to you? Inspiration time? Self care time? Email time? Think of everything you want to include and then fill the template out.
Hourly Calendar Download Here
And I’ve included a video to help walk you through this process!

Again, this is your resources page. You can come back here at any time.
And if I add any more videos in the future, they will be here for you as well to access.
So make sure you bookmark this page! And tell me how things are going in That Magic Life on Facebook!