Let go of 2017 and welcome 2018!

Reiki + Sound Event

Are you ready for this awesome fusion?


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This is for you if:

  • 2017 has been rough and you are ready for a different, a better 2018.
  • Want to bring in healing, remembering, and power into 2018.
  • 2017 has left you tired and you need a spiritual energy boost.
  • You are feeling stressed with all the stuff that has been going on this year and are just having a hard time relaxing lately.
  • You are having difficulty sleeping due to all of the stress.
  • You are working through some energy blockages that just won’t seem to budge.
  • You need some space to process things going on in your life, to process 2017.
  • You just want to do something for yourself in the name of self care.

How amazing does it sound to feel relaxed, cleansed, and supported as you move into 2018?


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Prior to the session, your name will be written on a slip of paper and then added to the crystal singing bowl. At the time of the session, I will go live on Zoom via the link provided to you after sign up, I will play the crystal singing bowl and send Reiki, and you will be able to tune in to receive your healing. Even if you can’t make it, that is okay. The energy will still arrive to you through your name. You will also receive a replay of each session via email. The sessions will last 30 minutes each. Afterwards, you are free to continue relaxing or gently go about your day, as much as you can.

Because this is a 2-part event, we will be meeting TWICE. Once on Wednesday, December 20th at 6pm Central Time and then again on Wednesday, January 10th at 6pm Central Time.

So, if you are ready to feel relaxed, cleansed, and supported as you move into 2018-
Join me in a Reiki + Sound Healing Event for only $22.22 USD!!!!


Two 30 minute reiki sessions, alone – no sound healing, would cost $56.12. That makes this a GREAT deal!

Read what others have said:
There is something very primitive about the sound…like a call from another world.” – Lisa M.
It’s so peaceful.” – Kelly Rose
“I absolutely loved tonight’s event. The singing bowl was a much needed sound in the everyday chaos of life.” – Anonymous

So come join me for the Reiki + Sound Healing 2-Part Event on December 20th and January 10th at 6pm Central Time. Don’t worry, the scheduler will automatically convert the time for you!


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* If you have a sensitivity to sound or noise, I do not recommend this for you.
* Reiki + Sound Healing is not a substitute for professional medical care or a substitute for a professional medical diagnosis. If you have a health concern, please seek a medical professional.