Your energy is of great importance.

It influences how you manifest –
how much you can do during the day –
how you impact the world and this plane of existence –
how you interact with people –

… and so much more.

Your energy is of great importance and so tending and nourishing your energy is of great importance to you.

But life still happens. And sometimes the weight of this world feels especially heavy, leaving you feeling gunky and sluggish.

We’ve all been there and we all feel it from time to time. Because we care about people, we care about the world.

You are not separate from the world, you are of it. You are a part of the web of connections of this Earth.

So of course you feel the weight of it at times. And of course you feel it more during times of great struggle – such as the ones we are going through now.

But you also know that you have great power. That you can create beautiful ripples across the energetic web we are a part of.

So you honor your feelings and begin to shift.

Shift to recenter and replenish yourself (and your energy) with the Rejuvenate Collection!

This meditation collection is for:

– the sensitive soul
– the spiritual entrepreneur
– the busy change-maker
– the fiery rebel
– the world shaker
– the starseed and moonchild
– do I need to go on?

It’s for everyone!

Particularly if you enjoy meditating or want to do more of it – and you want to shift your energy.

If this is you – come get access to the Rejuvenate Collection!

This collection of meditation is like a spa for your energy – you know, just without the mud.

So if you aren't getting a mud bath, what are you getting?

Relaxation. Rejuvenation. Renewal. Restoration.

Space to receive. Space to nourish. Space to shift.

You are going from feeling bogged down to feeling fresh and unencumbered. Feeling unburdened and flowing with ease.

Feeling like the gunk has washed away, the fog has lifted, and the sky of yourself has cleared.

And you are creating those shifts. Ripples are radiating out from you across the energetic grid. Across the web that connects us all.

On the physical side of things, you are getting –

Access to Reiki + energy work -infused meditations!

But what does that really mean?

There are 10 meditations in this collection. As they were recorded, energy work is integrated into the vibrations and energetic grid of the meditations. When you listen to the meditations, you receive the energy work. It doesn’t matter when or where, as time isn’t linear. The energy work does it’s work! The energy work I’ve infused into the meditations, plus your own ability to shift and change energy – both work together to create the intended shifts.

The Energy Work Explained -

I am attuned to a number of energies and trained in a couple of modalities. This means that they all work together, weaving together, in the meditations. So you may experience Reiki, Lemurian energy, and The Expansion Principle.


Reiki, founded by Dr. Mikao Usui, is the original modality I was trained in. It holds the space and acts as the guiding flow for all the others. Typically the energy appears white or a light gold.

The Expansion Principle

The Expansion Principle is a multi-dimensional modality founded by Dr. Alexis Edwards for channeling and directing this energy. It reaches to the seed of the thing (issue, event, etc). Typically the energy appears gold.

But it isn’t just these energies that will be coming through. You are an active participant in this as well. So you may experience energies that you are attuned to or that are attuned to you. This frequently happens during 1:1 Reiki sessions with clients – their own modalities and attuned frequencies come forward to assist in the work being done. So do not be surprised if your own “turn on” or come forward as well.

Breakdown of the Meditations -

The meditations vary in length and focus, but there are three main groups – the affirmation meditations, short guided meditations, and long meditations.

Affirmation Meditations for reprogramming boosts

~1.5-2 minute guided meditations

I am Divine

For affirming your divine connection and connection to all. Knowing your multi-faceted and multi-dimensional nature is powerful.

I am Worthy

For affirming and knowing your innate worth. Knowing your worth cannot be diminished, creates a stronger foundation for your work and your life.

Short Meditations for quick shifts

~2-3 minute guided meditations

Bathing in the Stars

For clearing your energy and connecting to all that is. Wash all the gunk and burdens on your energy away.

Goodbye Fear

For releasing fear. Some fear is healthy and normal. And some fear can keep us stuck. Release the heaviness and regain momentum.

Return to Alignment

For centering your energy and restoring inner flow and harmony. Things begin falling into place again.

River of Abundance

For manifesting and restoring outer flow around you. Receive support through your river of abundance.

Rose Quartz Beach

For soul healing and renewal. Receive the peaceful vibrations of Lemurian energy.

Long Meditations for deep restructuring

~20-45 minutes guided + unguided

45 Minutes of Singing Bowls

For setting the vibe. This meditation can be used in the background of life or for relatively silent, unguided meditations of any length.

Fully Rejuvenate

For deeper rejuvenation, renewal, and restoration. When washing away the gunk needs to run a bit deeper.

Beacon of Radiance

For bringing that inner alignment and radiance, outwards. Spreading the activation through the world around you.

The energy, the meditations -

All of this comes together to
Rejuvenate you.

As we’ve stated – your energy is of great importance. And caring for it is just as important.

Caring for yourself is just as important.

Allow the Rejuvenate Collection to nourish and renew you.

Relaxate. Rejuvenate. Renew. Restore.

Create space to receive. Space to nourish. Space to shift.

Go from feeling bogged down to feeling fresh and flowing with ease.

Feel the gunk has wash away, the fog lift, and the sky of yourself has clear.

Create those shifts. Radiate ripples out from you across the energetic grid. Across the web that connects us all.

Get Access to the
Rejuvenate Collection


– Infusion of Reiki and the Expansion Principle energy work
– 2 affirmation meditations
– 5 short guided meditations
– 3 longer meditations

The Answers to Your Q's


No worries! The course is self-paced. So you can take as much time as you want in between each week’s content.


Because the content is prerecorded – there is an associated facebook group for you to join where you can receive peer support, create friendships with people who get it, and I can pop in to see how things are going or answer questions.

Otherwise, this course does not come with access to me. This allows me to set the price lower so that it can serve more people. Our intuition is one of our greatest tools. Many of us have pushed away or lost our connections, and remembering it is so deeply needed.

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Hey. Shelby Melissa here -

Energy and impact mentor to spiritual entrepreneurs of all genders. I walk along side wave-makers through activation.

In 2016, I left school with a Master’s in Social Work and burnout. During the journey of healing and energy that followed, I saw the changes and the ripples in my life, radiating out. This was never about me, but about all of us. Because we are here to change the world.

I combine energy work with my social work knowledge of systems – to increase success and impact in your business. You can think of me like an OEM, online energy manager, an a mentore – supporting the energy in your business alongside you. We then take this a step further, with purposeful intention, to leverage the energy in our businesses to change the energy of societal systems.

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