Have you ever just known something?

Knew where something was that you couldn’t have known?
Knew the answer to a problem that you thought was a guess?
Knew something was going to happen before it did?

That’s your intuition.
And we all have it.

We can cultivate and nourish our connection to it to:

But it is also so much more.

You are Divine. You are powerful magic.

You are Intuitive.

You know this.

On some level, you know this. Be it in your heart or in your soul. You know this.

You want to remember these things and cultivate them within you.

And it starts with intuition.

Because intuition is the mode of spiritual learning.

It is how we feel things. How we know things beyond what we can comprehend and what we see in the physical world before us. How we experience the spiritual realms we come from.

(Didn’t I tell you it was so much more?)

So the next step in our foundation is to build up our intuition with …

... Remember Your Intuition.

Remember Your Intuition is a 4 week course for nourishing the connection between you and your sixth sense.

Your connection to your intuition is unique to you. Because it is a part of you. A natural extension of yourself.

Over the four weeks, you’ll grow this connection through bringing your awareness to four key areas – mind, body, senses, and beliefs. Why? Because everyone experiences their intuition in different ways, so by getting to know our own minds, bodies, senses, and – we can begin to sort through the tangled mess of inputs that includes our intuition.

Here’s how that looks:

Mind Awareness

You'll greet your intuition to re-open the connection. (It's always been there, it's just gotten jumbled and hidden away.) Then you'll begin to be the observer of the inputs coming through with a meditation.

Body Awareness

During Week 2, we focus on getting to know our bodies. You'll be using the same observer type awareness as you get to know your muscles and your inner "knower." (Really great activity for Human Design Generators and Mani-Gens!)

Sensory Awareness

Guess what! You are going to keep being the observer and continue with your senses! We'll be using the 5-4-3-2-1 Grounding Technique in both activities this week, just in slightly different ways to help highlight the differences between what you are actually sensing, what you can sense through visualizations, and your intuition!

Limiting Beliefs
aka Belief Awareness

Those pesky limiting beliefs. They just pile up, get in the way, and cause us to trip over them. (Much like dirty clothes on the floor, lol.) So finally, we will be addressing them - because they have got to go! No longer do they need to be clogging up that intuition receiver!

I’m Shelby Melissa. An energy mentor, Reiki Master, Master of Social Work, and Intuition Queen.

I know that we can make a difference in the world. I know that we can change our future. We are powerful, magical, and divine beings after all.

And I believe that everyone is born with a beautiful vision of the future. Even if we lose sight of it, it is still there deep within us. Waiting to be remembered. Much like our truths – we are divine, we are magic, and we are intuitive. They wait for us to remember.

And I am here to help facilitate that remembering.

Let’s get remembering. Let’s remember just how intuitive you are with Remembering Your Intuition. (Now what else would this course be called, lol.)
You will:

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– 4 weeks of recorded course content
– 4 weeks of homework and actionable steps to remember your intuitive connection
– Access to the special Remember Your Intuition Facebook group
– All the bonus content


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No worries! The course is self-paced. So you can take as much time as you want in between each week’s content.


Because the content is prerecorded – there is an associated facebook group for you to join where you can receive peer support, create friendships with people who get it, and I can pop in to see how things are going or answer questions.

Otherwise, this course does not come with access to me. This allows me to set the price lower so that it can serve more people. Our intuition is one of our greatest tools. Many of us have pushed away or lost our connections, and remembering it is so deeply needed.

Awesome! Feel free to email us your question at contact@shelbymelissa.com