Running a Biz on Limited Energy


You may be wondering why you have clicked this page. “Do I really experience limited or low energy? I seem to get a lot done.”

Let’s clear this up!

You know you are a Limited or Low Energy person when:

– you are a Human Design Projector
– you are dealing with one or more chronic illnesses
– you are an empath or highly sensitive person
– you are neurodiverse

Or you may experience limited or low energy if:
– you are a parent or caregiver
– you are working multiple jobs
– you are going through a period of healing or transformation

If you fit any of these points, then hey Limited/Low energy friend!

I’m glad you are here!

Even if you didn’t recognize yourself as someone dealing with limited or low energy before, you’ve recognized something isn’t quite jiving in your biz with your energy.

Maybe you are feeling burnt out.
Or like there just isn’t enough time in the day to get the things done AND have time to rejuvenate yourself.
Or maybe you seem to start and stop often while trying to work.

It’s because we don’t have the energy that other people may have. Certainly, we don’t have the energy for hustling.

(I mean really – does turning out a program in a week or creating a website over night sound exhilarating? NO! It sounds exhausting!)

I don’t have the energy for that. And neither do you.

So stop doing that! Stop hustling!

And let’s leverage the energy we have.

Let’s get into alignment
with ourselves.

How? With my FREE training – Running a Biz on Limited Energy.

I invite you to come listen to my story. How I’ve worked through running a business on limited energy. And I’ll be delivering some ideas that you can implement as well as invite you to my paid workshop – Passive Income for Projectors. (Can you guess what we will be talking about? lol.)

Sign up here and get access to this free training! YEAY

Why? Because you know you have to change the way you are doing things.

In this FREE training:

– I’ll share my experience as a limited/low energy entrepreneur. (Human Design Projector here dealing with IBS and chronic Anxiety and Depression!)
– Using Astrology to boost the energy of your actions (I’m not an Astrologer, so no worries. You don’t need to be either!)
– Nourishing before you leap
– Creating a Biz Altar!! (This is actually really fun! And a great way to create energy around your business that isn’t directly coming from you all of the time.)
– And I’ll introduce you to your friend, Passive Income. (Maybe you’ve already met??)

Are you ready to do things with more flow? To have more time for yourself, your loved ones, your desires?
Are you ready to put down the hustle? Are you ready to choose alignment and leveraging instead?

Are you ready to honor yourself?