Seeking Answers? Go Within.

When Seeking Answers, are you taking time to go within? Are you counting yourself in or dismissing your power and knowledge. I was.

It has come up a couple times recently, so maybe there is a lesson here to share. And I know I certainly need it too.

Here’s what happened –

My client wants to do speaking. She wants to give talks and workshops. She is an amazing woman who has created a beautiful product based business. She met a speaker, already in the industry, and asked how they do their thing. “It’s just like online marketing,” they say. She’s done that. Successfully. But because she was doing something slightly different she assumed she didn’t know anything.

She dismissed the knowledge, wisdom, experience, and inner knowing she already had. She isn’t the only one. I’ve done it plenty of times.

For me it has looked like –

Buying books I don’t need. I went through this phase about 5-6 years ago now, where I was asking for tons of books for birthday present and Christmas presents. I was buying a ton of them myself. So I accrued this mass of books specifically on the topic of magic.

But as I was reading, I began to see that they were saying very similar things or things I had already learned through experience or divine wisdom. Many of the books I didn’t end up reading because of this.

Taking classes I didn’t need. A couple years ago I took a course on being a professional tarot reader, despite having read tarot in exchange for money for a year or so already, and having read a book on it, and having done research on how people were running their own metaphysical businesses. The class mostly ended up being information that I already knew, again.

In both of these cases, I was over researching because of a lack of confidence in myself. My client did the same thing. And a friend of mine was discussing the same thing with me the other day.

But it can also go further than this. We have such an amazing connection with our higher or divine selves. With spirits who align themselves with us. With our own intuition.

We can figure things out! We have the tools and abilities to do so!

This isn’t to say “don’t learn, find a teacher, or read a book.” This is to say “trust yourself, count yourself and your knowledge too!”

So, when seeking answers, also look within yourself. You probably know more than you think.

Have you given away your power in a similar way?


  • Masha

    Thank you for this reminder, been there, done that, still find myself doing it and what happens with me is that I wind up not reading the book, loosing interest in the class I’m taking because exactly like you, I realize I already know this, But, like I’m sure you know, I for myself am looking for a book that will be informative of a higher vibration than I am, or a course that is beyond what I know, that I would like. 🙂

    • shelbymelissa

      You are so welcome!
      Yes! So glad you realize the pattern there – realizing you already know it and then losing interest in the class/book/etc.
      I think maybe some of that comes into play for me, looking for it to be more informative. But like I said, I also just dismiss what I already know thinking I need to learn something rather than looking at the knowledge and wisdom I already have. And maybe can be extrapolated from another area in my life. lol. Like, oh yeah! I am smart! I do know things! lol

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