Self Care + Energy: Are you leaving your energy out of self care?

Your energy is important. So why are you leaving it out of your self care? We all know self care is important. Let’s incorporate it into your practices!

Self Care + Energy: Are you leaving your energy out of self care?

You probably hear about self care a lot – how important it is, things you should be doing, etc. But I’m going to guess you probably don’t hear as much about taking care of your energy.

Your energy is vital towards your overall spiritual health. And I would venture to say well being, but I am not a doctor and there are not enough scientific studies to back this up yet. What you bring into your energy is similar to what thoughts you bring into your head and what substances you bring into your body – they affect you.

So what kinds of energy are you coming into contact with each day? You can usually tell by the vibes you get. When I’m picking up chaotic energy, I’ll start to feel frazzled, or after arriving back home I’ll feel more tired than usual. If I am picking up on positive energy or lots of divine universal energy, I’ll feel good and upbeat.

Energy vibes, emotional and mental states, and physical feelings all tend to influence each other. So don’t be surprised if you pick up on some yucky energy and start feeling a bit more sad or irritated. That being said, you are still responsible for how you react and deal with these feelings. When we don’t care for our energy, we can become more susceptible to the energies around us.

So what can we do to practice some energy self care? Here are five of the things I do, and you may also find useful!

  1. Cleansing Regularly – This means get out the diffuser, your candles, some bells, etc on a regular basis. What ever it is that you do to cleanse your energy, bring it out. Set aside time at least once a week if not more often, depending on the energies you come into contact with and how your energy is feeling.
  2. Grounding and Centering Regularly – This really gets the energy flowing. Don’t let it stagnate! Connect yourself to the energy of the Earth, deep within, and exchange with the Earth like plants. Then bring all your energy within your body and go about your day.
  3. Bubbling Up – Visualizing a bubble around your energy can help to keep sludgy energy from sticking to your energy. Take a moment to breathe then visualize a giant bubble around your energy. It can be flowing, solid, permeable, – whatever you want it to be and what works for you. Just make sure to visualize it keeping out all that yucky energy you come into contact with.
  4. Connect with Divine Universal Energy – (This one is my favorite!) This beautiful energy is all around you. It makes up everything. All you have to do is connect to it. Take a moment to relax, and visualize connecting with the Universe, or the universe, whichever works for you. Bring the energy of the Universe into your energetic body, spreading it out. Let it connect with the Divine Universal Energy deep within yourself. Bubble yourself back up afterwards if you need to, and go about your day!
  5. Carry Crystals – Certain crystals are known for having energy clearing or protecting properties. Some of these crystals are: obsidian (protective), hematite (protective), smokey quartz (grounding), amethyst (against psychic attacks), crystal quartz (cleansing), black tourmaline (protective), and selenite (cleansing). Of course they also have other spiritual and energetic properties, so do some more research and find the one or ones that best work for you!

Tell me which one you are going to try! Do you already do some energy self care? Tell me what you do!


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