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ShelbyMelissa’s November Tarot Challenge

november challenge
I thought I would post this challenge so that people already in November could get started on it if they wish and those starting November tomorrow like me would have a heads up. I am excited to see what everyone comes up with!
Here is how this works:
Pick a card from your deck that you think relates or symbolizes the word for the day. This could be based on the booklet, images in the cards, or your intuition. Remember, there is no right answer. The purpose of this is to help you discover your own meanings for your cards. And most of all, have fun!
Make sure to tag your posts with #smnovchallenge!
Day 1. Balance
Day 2. Inner Growth
Day 3. Impulsive Behavior
Day 4. Confidence
Day 5. Letting Go
Day 6. Solace
Day 7. Work Horse
Day 8. Spiritual Support
Day 9. Truth
Day 10. Distraction
Day 11. Universal Wisdom
Day 12. Loss
Day 13. Illumination
Day 14. Retreat
Day 15. Meditation
Day 16. A Gathering
Day 17. Capability
Day 18. Understanding
Day 19. Solutions
Day 20. Epiphany
Day 21. Manifesting
Day 22. A Clair-Ability
Day 23. Spiritual Connection
Day 24. Control
Day 25. Mystical
Day 26. Stability
Day 27. Magic
Day 28. Divine Guidance
Day 29. Self-Awareness
Day 30. Patience

* This challenge may be possible with other types of decks or possibly even symbols. Not sure if it will work for your divination method? Try it and find out!
* Don’t feel pressured to complete the challenge and don’t get discouraged if you fall behind or are unable to complete it. This is just a tool to help you learn and to have fun with!

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