Shining Together, Shine Together

When we shine together, we are even brighter. But what does that mean? How do we do it? Learn what one card taught me about helping each other.

Shining Together – What One Card Taught Me About Helping Each Other

For some time I tossed around in my head what this card, Shine, meant. It felt like I was missing a piece to the whole, something still in the dark that I couldn’t quite make out. Come to find out, there were two things!
But first, here were my original thoughts on this card.

“When I let others shine, I shine too.” From The Moon Deck by Aarona Ganesan, Andrea Keh, and Ashley Bruni


I saw it as sharing the work of others. Showing people the wonderful art, literature, and beauty that others had created. This meant sharing things on social media and talking about the amazing work that other people were doing. Giving credit where it was due, which is always important to do.
I also saw it as hiding in the background. Displaying that beautiful work, but in a way similar to that of a mysterious benefactor.
But there was more to this card that I was still missing, as stated before.
First. When letting someone else shine, it doesn’t always mean getting out of their way. Sometimes it is helping them up to the stage you are on, and then backing out of the spotlight. And sometimes it is just plain shining together. Basically, each of us can use our stage to raise up others.
This was a small “Aha!” The next one was mind blowing, and yet so obvious.
Second. It means letting go of prejudice and not discriminating against people. Letting someone step into the light can also mean just letting them be their self. When we help others, when we fight for equality for all people, when we stand up against hate groups, we all shine!
Like, this should have been so obvious right? Letting someone shine isn’t passive, it is taking action with them, much like the individuals depicted on the card. They are working together, equally.
Not everyone has the same opportunities to shine, so it is about taking up the fight with them so that they can have access to those same opportunities.
And we can do even more. We can change the world. Read more here!

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