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Are You Standing in the Way of Your Intuition?

Are you standing in the way of your intuition? Sometimes things within ourselves can block our intuition, and we end up standing in our own way – whether we realize it or not. Our beliefs are like that. They can go unnoticed and limit us. So let’s dive into some limiting beliefs that you may be dealing with – and how to reframe them!

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What is Intuition?

What is intuition? What is this sixth sense? How does it show up in our lives? How can I use it? There are a lot of questions around intuition – so let’s dive in!

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Releasing the Pressure to Produce

We put too much pressure on ourselves to produce. But guess what, you get to just exist! So let’s release the pressure to produce! Here is a situation in which I put this pressure on myself and how I worked through it.

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SM Living – Coming Soon

The blog is getting a revamp! Welcome SM Living! The blog for creating a different way of living through embodying the Nourish + Reprogram framework by Shelby Melissa.

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