Solar Eclipse Spread

Today is the Solar Eclipse, and in honor of this moment, I have created a quick and easy spread for you!

The Solar Eclipse Spread

Card One: The Theme for the Eclipse
This is the overarching idea or subject matter for this Solar Eclipse.
Card Two: What is Being Let Go
This is what we are being called to let go of, or what you may be forced to let go of.
Card Three: What is Coming as a Result
This is what is next as a result of the Solar Eclipse and as a result of letting go what is falling away.

Here is my reading for this Eclipse about what is going on for all of us!

My Reading

One: Justice

The world is going through a rebalancing. What we have been reaping, we are currently sowing. Because we (and by “we” I pretty much mean white people) have been ignoring the issues of inequality and their intersections for far too long, we are being pushed to see them now. We can’t turn a blind eye. We can’t put our fingers in our ears and hum loudly to drown out what is going on around us. And if you aren’t on the right side of justice this Eclipse, be sure that it will bowl you over.

Two: Serenity

Currently, we are being asked to leave behind our isolation. We are being tasked with rejoining society as a whole. That means sharing what we have learned to move towards healing, but also that we must now learn from each other. We must listen to what our neighbors are saying. We must listen to their experiences. If we don’t learn and don’t change our ways, we face receiving our just deserts, we face whatever Justice hands down.

Three: King of Wands

As a result, we will have new leaders. More leaders are coming forward to guide us. But we also shouldn’t wait for them, standing around doing nothing. The Wands aren’t a suit of inaction or of purely thinking. They are a suit of action. We need to step up ourselves as well. We need to take action and take up the cause.
And so many people will be doing that as a result of just realizing that there are these inequalities as a result of the systems and structures that have been created. They were created to take people, all of us equal to each other, and change that. They were created for the purpose of creating inequality. And what is coming for these structures and systems, what is coming is the dismantling of inequality. But first, we are asked to see this injustice. Then come together, rally together, to create justice. And then we can truly begin to heal. Because we cannot heal trauma until the cause of the trauma is removed.

Give this spread a try and let me know how it goes! Tell me, what are you called to let go of? What is coming for you on the other side of this Solar Eclipse?

The deck used is the Starchild Tarot, Akashic Small/Traditional Edition by Danielle Noel, and you can find it here.
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