Sound Immersion Sessions

Are you ready for the magic of sound? Ready to be transported to another world? Ready to receive messages from your spirit team?

Experience all of this and more during Sound Immersion Sessions where you relax and drift away to the sounds of Crystal Singing Bowls.

Our bodies are made up of atoms and tiny particles that are always moving and vibrating. The theory behind singing bowls is that the vibrations when they are being played affects the vibrations we have. But historically, metal singing bowls, aka Tibetan Singing Bowls, have been played during ceremonies and rituals. The vibrations and sounds are said to be able to pass down knowledge and wisdom to the listeners.

If you are in the Norman, Oklahoma area, you can sign up to get an in person session!

Just download the MindBody app from your respective app store! Learn more about the app here.

Download the app, then search for Transcend Wellness, the wonderful business I’m pairing with to make these sessions available! Individual sessions and group sessions/ events are available!

OR!! Check out the new Eventbrite event page here!

If you have any questions, send me an email at