Build a Solid Spiritual Foundation

You are a spiritual being. You are beyond powerful. You know this in your core. And you know you are here for a purpose.
And it is time for you to return to this truth.

Remember your intuition, your magic, your divinity.

We are made of divine energy. We are powerful magic. And we are intuitive.
We have so much potential for knowing, for seeing, and for operating outside of this 3D world. But here we are, living here. Because we have work to do here.
We all have visions of how beautiful life can be here on Earth. That is our goal. To cultivate this beautiful world with so much love and compassion. You can and do make a difference in the world.

I am Shelby Melissa. An energy alchemist and intuition queen. A returning spiritual being, remembering who we are.
I teach people of all genders how to remember.
With ease, flow, and so much magic.

Before we dive deep into these waters, we need to first adjust. Learn to hold our breath. Learn to get comfortable with this familiar and yet totally different landscape.
I want you to have a solid foundation for diving deep into the spiritual waters.
That is the Spiritual Foundation Bundle.
You lay down the foundation. You begin to explore and familiarize yourself with this new and familiar realm, with my energy there supporting you.

Foundation Bundle Intro Video
Cleansing Video – Learn how to cleanse easily
Grounding Video – Learn how to ground your energy quickly
Shielding Video – Learn how to protect your energy
Valued at: $56.00

Each of these videos is 10-15 minutes long. They are things that you can watch before you get out of bed in the morning, while you are eating breakfast, on your lunch break, as you unwind after you get home, or as you get ready for bed.
You will also get homework for each of the videos. You will be doing the things I go over in the videos.

And as a bonus, you get the Spiritual Live Stream Bundle.
Day One: Spirituality – The other part to the Mind / Body equation.
Day Two: Intuition – The mode of spiritual learning.
Day Three: Energy – Spiritual movement and life force.
Affirmations that match all the work you’ll be doing.
My TWO crystal e-booklets – for working with crystals and next level crystal working.
My ENTIRE meditation collection – 11 quick meditations for the person on the go.
Valued at: $68.00

Each of these videos is 25-40 minutes long. They are the next steps. You get your foundation down. Then you start building upon it. Some things are reiterated from the Foundation videos, but it is all important.

You get access to all of this right away. Meaning, you can move through them at your own pace.

The total value is $124!

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