Ready to let your Woo flag fly?!

It can seem really scary to say things aloud like, "I talk with spirits."


"I've had past lives that were not on this planet or not in this realm."
"I'm remembering rituals and magic that we aren't doing here on Earth yet."
"I believe crystals are powerful teachers. I learn from their spirits."
Or even "I've seen where my soul comes from."

I get it. I still get scared to say these things.

"What are people going to think?"
"What are my friends and family going to think?"
"Will they still be friends with me? Will they still love me?"
"Will people judge me? Will they leave me mean comments in my inbox?"

I know these thoughts. I know the spiral they create. I've been there.

And now, I'm here for you! Take my hand. Let's wade into the woo-pool together!
(Okay, really more like ocean. But don't worry. I've got you.)

And that's why I'm hosting a three day live stream event!

>Day One: Spirituality - The other part to the Mind / Body equation.
I'm going to be sharing the 3 things I know to be true. And I'll be sharing some of my Woo experiences. Know that you ARE NOT alone!

>Day Two: Intuition - The mode of spiritual learning. This is how I've had like 90% of my experiences with spirituality! I've followed my intuition. I've listened to it. Let me share with you THREE of my intuition tips.

>Day Three: Energy - Spiritual movement and life force. It wouldn't be right if we didn't talk about energy. Especially since so much of my experience with spirituality and woo has been through energy. I'll be sharing THREE important energy work practices with you.

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