Stand Up, Divine Rebel

Stand Up, Divine Rebel!

The Resistance needs your help.

And you want to help. But Where do you fit in? How can you help? Let me show you with this reading.

You will find out your mission – what you can do to help. But it doesn’t end there. You aren’t sent off on your mission without a map or support! You will also find out how to work your mission. And you will receive 20 minutes of Reiki to give you some support and a head start.

Only through community and joining forces can we get through this with success. You have a special place and a purpose within the fight against bigotry. Some of us are leaders, some are messengers, some are support units, and more. But each is critical and necessary.

We need you. So join the resistance and receive your mission.

You will receive an email from me within 24 hours letting you know when to expect your bundle to be completed by. The reading and reiki session results will be sent to your inbox, via the email provided by PayPal. Please use the comment section of your purchase to let me know if you want it sent to a different email.

(Deck used and pictured is the Acana of Astrology by Claire Goodchild;