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You feel it deep within you: you are a powerful, multi-dimensional, multi-faceted being. You know you can create a magical life and biz for yourself, and now is the time to do it. With years of magic work behind me, (think beginning 2002) I have developed techniques and steps fusing magic, manifestation, and psychology to create a magical life and biz of my own. Let’s create yours too.

Feeling new to all of this? – Remember.

Begin with any of the following (or all of them!):

1.Join the That Magic Life FREE Facebook Group, and become part of a growing community of people from various different magical backgrounds!

2.Get the Build a Solid Spiritual Foundation Bundle, and begin building an understanding of magic and spiritual thought that underlies other courses and teachings by Shelby Melissa.

3.Get the Banging New Year’s Magic Bundle, and begin implementing spiritual, practical, and mindset pieces for changing your life and business.

Looking to explore a bit more? – Deepen.

If you are looking to take what you already know and apply it to your life and business, then these options may be more your speed:

1.Join the That Magic Circle membership, and give yourself stability as you immerse yourself in learning and integrating spiritual, magical, and psychological wisdom and knowledge with a growing community.

2.Take a Course, and dive deeper in the realms of intuition, energy, and magic to further create your dream life and business.

Ready to go all in? – Live + Embody.

You have the foundations down, but you are ready to fully become who you have always been and step into living your magic life and business, then let’s get started:

1. Join the Inner Circle with Shelby Melissa, a small and intimate group that is coming soon!

2. Apply for 1:1 Magic Support with Shelby Melissa, and receive unprecedented access to me while we address your unique circumstances and needs to get you living your magic life and business and embodying your truest, divine self.