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    Meditation: Discover Your Magic Space

    As mentioned in last week’s post, I said there would be a meditation coming to discover your magic space. Getting to know the scenery, what the space looks like, and what is in it. But what the heck is a…

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    The 3 Pillars in Person and Business

    Inspired by a discussion with a client - I decided to figure out what the three pillars, the three major things, in my person and business were. What are yours?

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    Lumina Tarot: V. The Hierophant

    V. The Hierophant You happen upon a community. Seeking still answers to your burning questions. Members of this community all direct you towards a single building. It was built in the middle of their town, with all roads and paths…

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    Lumina Tarot: III. The Empress

    III: The Empress The field is wide and far reaching. Animals and humans alike work the earth as an individual wooden staff walks around assisting the various groups. They always seem to find the ones that need it the most…

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    Lumina Tarot : II. High Priestess

    II: The High Priestess The mirror clouds over in purple smoke and an individual appears. Their eyes draw over you, evaluating you. You begin to ask your questions. Question after question running out of your mouth. You barely gasp for…

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    Books + Spirit

    Have you ever read a book and it just moved you to the core of your spirit? I recently had this experience, just after graduation. I was already a mess of sorts at that time. I was moving back home.…

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    Lumina Tarot: I The Magician

     I: The Magician An individual holds their hands out before them. Their tools appear before them in a display of power. They are showing you what they can do, and what they can teach you. The individual is a seer.…

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    Lumina Tarot: 0 The Fool

    I received the Lumina Tarot at the tail end of 2015, and I wanted to spend some time getting to know the deck in a different way than I usually do. Usually, I jump into shuffling the cards and conducting…