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    Picking Out Your Card Deck

    There are so many different ways to go about picking out your card deck. Be it tarot, oracle cards, or lenormand! Let's bust a big myth and then get into some different ways to pick out your deck!

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    Solar Eclipse Spread

    Today is the Solar Eclipse, and in honor of this moment, I have created a quick and easy spread for you! The Solar Eclipse Spread Card One: The Theme for the Eclipse This is the overarching idea or subject matter…

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    Discover Your Greatest Tool – Your Intuition

    Many people don’t use one of the greatest tools they have. And many others use it without ever developing this tool. So what am I talking about? Intuition of course!  About Intuition: Intuition is commonly misunderstood as just a “women’s”…

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    Lumina Tarot: V. The Hierophant

    V. The Hierophant You happen upon a community. Seeking still answers to your burning questions. Members of this community all direct you towards a single building. It was built in the middle of their town, with all roads and paths…

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    Lumina Tarot: IV. The Emperor

     IV. The Emperor An individual walks between the pines. Each row of plant was neatly lined. The deer and elk followed, orderly and aligned. The individual sees you but continues on. The migration happens at the same time each year…

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    Lumina Tarot: III. The Empress

    III: The Empress The field is wide and far reaching. Animals and humans alike work the earth as an individual wooden staff walks around assisting the various groups. They always seem to find the ones that need it the most…

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    Lumina Tarot : II. High Priestess

    II: The High Priestess The mirror clouds over in purple smoke and an individual appears. Their eyes draw over you, evaluating you. You begin to ask your questions. Question after question running out of your mouth. You barely gasp for…

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    Lumina Tarot: I The Magician

     I: The Magician An individual holds their hands out before them. Their tools appear before them in a display of power. They are showing you what they can do, and what they can teach you. The individual is a seer.…

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    Lumina Tarot: 0 The Fool

    I received the Lumina Tarot at the tail end of 2015, and I wanted to spend some time getting to know the deck in a different way than I usually do. Usually, I jump into shuffling the cards and conducting…

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    10 Tips to Reading Tarot

    Tarot can be a complex system of symbols, keywords, and intuition making it an overwhelming art to learn. As a reader myself since about 2004, I can say that it will get less overwhelming and easier as you learn and…