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    Make it Your Year

    It's 2019. And I'm sure you've heard this before - Make it Your Year. But this isn't just about some fun motivational thing. How 2019 is going to go for you, is really up to you this year. Learn how…

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    Picking Out Your Card Deck

    There are so many different ways to go about picking out your card deck. Be it tarot, oracle cards, or lenormand! Let's bust a big myth and then get into some different ways to pick out your deck!

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    Who is or can be a Witch?

    Witches seem to be making a comeback. You may be reading about them in magazines or hearing about them in media. But who is or who can be a witch? I'll tell you!

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    Solar Eclipse Spread

    Today is the Solar Eclipse, and in honor of this moment, I have created a quick and easy spread for you! The Solar Eclipse Spread Card One: The Theme for the Eclipse This is the overarching idea or subject matter…

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    Where to Build Your Home And Where I Built Mine

    Where to Build Your Home and Where I Built Mine: Building Shelter for the Extremes in Life I was rereading Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert, and this time taking notes while I focused on applying what…

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    Control Your Own Happiness

    I was having some really hard days when I wrote this. I was crying, depressed, anxious. And I wanted out. So I decided to take control of my happiness. And here is that story. I’ve been having more days than…

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    Discover Your Greatest Tool – Your Intuition

    Many people don’t use one of the greatest tools they have. And many others use it without ever developing this tool. So what am I talking about? Intuition of course! ¬†About Intuition: Intuition is commonly misunderstood as just a “women’s”…

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    Full Moon Ritual: Cleanse and Prepare

    Dreams often tell us things. They help us sort through our consciousness and create understanding. But they can also contain messages and prophecies. And in my case, deliver a Full Moon Ritual! The shop has many items. On the counter…