• Meditations

    Meditation: Discover Your Magic Space

    As mentioned in last week’s post, I said there would be a meditation coming to discover your magic space. Getting to know the scenery, what the space looks like, and what is in it. But what the heck is a…

  • Magic,  spiritual

    What is Magic?

    So people are talking about spells and magic. What is magic? Is it even real? Yes! It is! Let me show you!

  • Magic,  spiritual

    Who is or can be a Witch?

    Witches seem to be making a comeback. You may be reading about them in magazines or hearing about them in media. But who is or who can be a witch? I'll tell you!

  • Rituals

    Magic – Setting Intentions

    Setting intentions can be a magical experience. And by that, I really mean we can use magic to bolster our intention setting process. So let’s infuse some magic in our lives and intentions. Creating Magic Through Intentions AKA Magic of…

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    Why I don't use the G-word

    Look. Sometimes there are words that mean more than we think they mean. Or they enter popular culture and they change, gaining meanings and stereotypes. Gypsy is one of those words. Why I don’t use the G-word. What do you…

  • Lumina Tarot

    Lumina Tarot : II. High Priestess

    II: The High Priestess The mirror clouds over in purple smoke and an individual appears. Their eyes draw over you, evaluating you. You begin to ask your questions. Question after question running out of your mouth. You barely gasp for…

  • Lumina Tarot,  Tarot

    Lumina Tarot: I The Magician

     I: The Magician An individual holds their hands out before them. Their tools appear before them in a display of power. They are showing you what they can do, and what they can teach you. The individual is a seer.…

  • Crystals & Minerals

    Quartz – General, All-Purpose Stone

      Quartz           Silicate Group, SiO2 Hexagonal structure crystallized and microcrystalline Luster: Glassy Hardness: 7 Quartz is one of the most common minerals as it can form under a number of conditions. Because of the variety of…