The Replay

Want to continue applying the skills you’ve gained?

The Money Relationship Reset Challenge is running again this June, beginning on the 5th!

This is a 28-day journaling challenge based on that original month of 28 days that I journaled my heart out around my own money mindset and had my first nearly $10k month!

The Facebook Group will open on June 1st, and the first prompt will drop on June 5th. Then after that, another prompt will drop each day for a total of 28 days all the way through June 2nd. 

The total is only $28, which comes out to $1 /day. So it is a pretty good price considering that by participating, you WILL change your relationship with money and abundance. Which is so important right now considering the economic landscape.

The group opens on June 1st!

But if you join now, you will get access to the How to Journal Mini Course ahead of the challenge, further refining and mastering your journaling skills. Use these skills to go deeper and better follow the tangled threads in your relationship with money and abundance. This means your journaling will be more impactful and you will likely move that needle even closer to your ideal relationship with money and abundance.