That Magic Life Circle – Membership

The alarm goes off and you drag yourself out of bed. Another day wishing for a different future and ruminating on the past. You have clarity on where you want to go, but some days it is hard to hold that vision. Some days it is difficult to smash those limiting beliefs, and they begin creeping in and building up. And you aren’t feeling like magic.

You know you need a change.

I’ve been there.

It wasn’t that long ago that I left an all staff meeting crying after months of dreading going into work. After months of being snippy at home. After months of dragging myself around. The ache in my chest had begun to crush me. I called my mom. I knew she was home. I stopped crying, but the feeling was still there. I needed to do something.

I needed a change too.

So I made one.

I reached out.

Humans are social and collective creatures. Inherently, we are made to work together. It is how we evolved to where we are. It is how we survived. And it is how we grow from here.

So, I invite you to reach out as well.

To feed that desire in your heart. In your soul. And join a community of people who are creating their magic lives too. With support and accountability from people who have been there, who are there.

I invite you to make a change and join That Magic Life Circle, a membership group for people of all genders, not just cismen and ciswomen, to remember and own their power to create their magic lives.

– Being present in your life. No more are you being crushed between worrying about the future and ruminating on the past.
– Living and doing with clarity and purpose. No more aimless wandering through your day. No more laying in bed at night feeling insignificant.
– Rejuvenation and filling up your cup. No more laying on the floor feeling too tired to deal with the trash fires in the world.
– Feeling and creating sacred connection. No more stuffing down that craving for more.
– Working your magic as a group. No more wondering if you are alone. No more worrying that something is wrong with you.

That is what the That Magic Life Circle is all about.

It centers around the idea that we are powerful multi-faceted, multi-dimensional beings. We are mind, body, and spirit! We are magical co-creators! We are divine!

So, the circle is a safe space where we return to this power. We connect with our intuition. We change and shift energies. We own our divinity.

This is done through:
– Opportunities for working your magic with a group
(Know how powerful you are alone, think of how powerful we are all together!)
– Accountability on staying clear, owning your power, and destroying limiting beliefs

But you are also getting:
– access to my video bundles on intuition, energy, and more
– intuitive readings
– moon gatherings
– live trainings
– tarot and divination spreads for members to use
– resources for self-reflection
– discounts on all of my courses
– and more as the circle grows!

Currently, the Circle is hosted in a private Facebook group where you get access to all of the above and more! As the group gains momentum, we will move the content to a secure website while keeping the group for community engagement and support!

Content is up already!

Come join the That Magic Life Circle, own your power, create your magic life.

Because this is the initial launch of That Magic Life Circle and I am so in love with what this Circle will become, I am offering an introductory energy exchange rate of $11.11 per month. If you get in now, your rate will not go up later. After the introductory period, the cost will go up.

Again, if you sign up now, you can lock in your rate. You can unsubscribe at any time. However, if you wish to join back up later, you will have to pay whatever the energy exchange rate is at that time.

You will be automatically redirected upon subscribing to the private group. And you will also receive an email with the group link as well.

Introductory subscription energetic exchange: $11.11 per month

If you are already subscribed and need to unsubscribe for whatever reason, click here.