That Magic Life – Clarity Journal

Are you feeling:
– disconnected
– unsure
– pressured
– burnt out
and just like you cannot keep going on this path you are on?

I feel you. I’ve been there.

And what I learned is, that when I am feeling that way, it is time to tune back into my heart and pivot.
To shift direction.

Because the shoulds and supposed tos pile up. Like:
“You should get this degree / have this job.”
“You are supposed to go to a big University.”
“Supposed to find a mate of the opposite sex to settle down with.”
“Make roots.”
“Graduate from college by 22. Job by 23. Married by 25. Kids by 30.”
“Be thin. Go on a diet.”
“Unsatisfaction is just part of having a 9-5 job.”
“Join x kind of church.” (Or even go to church at all.)

They sort of collect in our mind and begin to cover up that voice that says “HEY! I actually want this! This is what makes me happy! This is actually who I am!”

And to help dig through those shoulds and supposed tos,
I’ve created the That Magic Life – Clarity Journal!

The journal helps to get past all of those shoulds and supposed tos, and really get to the desires of your heart.

So that you can:
– release pressure
– pivot and get moving
– see a new path / perspective
– and deepen your connection to self.

It is so good, and I use these questions each time I want to connect back into my desires.
Anytime I start feeling pressure, from within or outside of myself.

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I can’t wait to see what desires of your heart you uncover!