The 3 Pillars in Person and Business

Inspired by a discussion with a client – I decided to figure out what the three pillars, the three major things, in my person and business were. What are yours?

My personal readings have been pointing in the same direction lately.
Towards a calling of sorts. Getting in touch with pieces of me. Bringing them out to share.

One of my clients mentioned the other week about how her business has 3 pillars. 3 pieces that reflect her through her business.

And this has stuck with me. And funnily enough, it has coincided with these messages.

What 3 pieces of me are needing to come forward? And are pillars in my business?

The Diviner. Using tools to discern. Intuitive insight.
The Mystic. Ritual. And Magic. Spiritual connecting.
The Healer. Reflecting. Holding space for vulnerability and growth.

And these are 3 iterations my business has taken – divining with tarot in the beginning, Mystical Enchantment, and Spirit-Centered Awakenings. And now under Shelby Melissa – it is all of these things.
But even further than that – I am all of these things. I sit at the intersection of these things and more.

I have been made aware of pieces of the path forward.

It is scary. It is exciting.
But it is me.

What are yours?

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