The Energy Non-Binary: Revisited

I’ve briefly talked about how I see energy in a previous post. But I really wanted to touch on the energy non-binary again as I’ve been thinking about it lately.

I don’t see energy as masc/fem. Energy isn’t binary. Masc/fem are words we use to describe energy because it is a framework we see in society, that we are taught. But in my experience of energy, of divine energy, it doesn’t encompass the totality of energy.

In the web of connectedness, in our connection to source, the divine energy doesn’t split. It isn’t faceted. It doesn’t exist on a linear continuum.
It just is.

And this is something I have been thinking about. But when we split that energy into binaries, and then place values of “better/worse” or “more/less” or “good/bad” – we are doing ourselves and that energy a disservice.
You can listen to me talk about this and more here in the video below:


Tell me your thoughts! Does this make sense? Do you feel similarly? What do you think?

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