Utilize this 5-video bundle to begin reconnecting to your intuition through understanding, discernment, and removing blocks.

You are magic. And you are intuitive.

That’s why you are here. Isn’t it?

In fact, your intuition is core to all things. From daily life, like finding objects your partner misplaced, to your business, like making decisions for what comes next, to energy work and more. How so? Because intuition is the mode of spiritual learning. It is how you feel things. How you know things beyond what you can logically comprehend and see in the physical world around you.

It is the foundation.

Do you want to...

This video bundle is for you!

Here's why this is so good.

It really is the first step on a  wonderful and fulfilling journey that will lead you to deeper self-trust and inspiring opportunities.

How do I know? Because I once took the same steps you are right now.

Hi! I'm Shelby Melissa!

My clients have called me an intuition queen, but I really more identify with being a mindset and energy coach. Regardless of names though, my clients come to me for my intuitive insights, guidance, social work skills, and energy work abilities. 

The social work skills were built through traditional schooling resulting in a Masters of Social Work.

However, my intuition is the other part of the foundation for my insights and guidance. Whether it is through direct intuitive hits, tarot and/or oracle cards, or energy work – my intuition feeds it all.

But it hasn’t just been a boon in my business. My intuition has led me to deals on home goods and even finding our near-beach apartment.

And it all started by taking the first steps to connecting with my intuition. This bundle will help you do the same!

Here are the details.

With your purchase, you’ll gain access to 5 key videos, including 2 meditations. While 5 sounds like a lot, it only adds up to about 90 minutes, meaning you can quickly and easily begin connecting with your intuition as opposed to struggling on your own.

Let me tell you a little more about these 5 key videos.

Additionally, if you haven’t already grabbed it as a freebie, you will have a link to the FREE Intuition Quiz for calculating your intuition level!

PLUS! If you purchase the bundle and later want to continue developing your intuitive skills, you’ll receive a coupon to apply the cost of the bundle towards the next step in the process!

Get The Intuitive Bundle!

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$ 19
  • Intuition Meditation
  • 2016 Intuition Periscope - What is intuition?
  • The Intuition Power Up Series
  • Knowing Your Mood States training
  • BONUS: $19 coupon for Remember Your Intuition