The Magic of Sound Immersions + Baths

When you attend a Sound Immersion or Sound Bath, you typically lay on the floor or get into a comfortable position and relax as the sounds carry you. But on a spiritual level, something magnificent happens. That’s the magic of sound immersions + baths. So what happens?

In the sacred space of the Sound Immersion, magic happens.

The silence before the first tone is like the deep inhale before taking a leap of faith. The sounds begin to swirl and we are teleported. Simultaneously laying on the floor and somewhere beyond. The music dances though us, highlighting the connects we do not normally see. Oneness expands connecting us to all that is. To wholeness. Awakening us to truths beyond words, including that we are the Universe – individually and all together. A group remember deep within our cells. Within our celestial and earthly DNA. Transmuted in crystalline structures. Messages are delivered. Gifts from the divine. From the Universe. From yourself. As the tones and sounds return to silence. To nothingness. You are returned to the earthly plane; wholly, fully, and alchemized.

That is the magic of the Sound Immersion. Of the bowls and instruments.

It’s a strange experience when we try to wrap our heads around it. We can easily see the instruments and feel the vibrations when we touch them or are even near them. We can easily measure the relaxation that occurs through tracking hormone levels and self reports of stress.

But what we cannot easily see or put into words is the spiritual. And what happens on this level is different and special for each person.

My first experience with singing bowls had all been online – listening to people play, listening to tracks over meditations. It wasn’t until I got my first singing bowl, on November 26, 2017 that I really experienced it for the first time.

The ethereal sounds resonated within me and I felt like I was in a different world! It was also around this time that I was going through a remembering of my own and the bowl just amplified the frequencies. Helping me to really experience and feel them. Activating more within me. This on top of playing for others and feeling that connection was just truly mind-blowing.

This isn’t to say you can’t have this experience with recordings, but there was something extra special for me playing and being in the presence of a singing bowl.

Further, during immersions and baths, you are probably getting to experience more than one singing bowl, and more than one instrument! The energy and vibrations are just multiplied and amplified creating a beautiful, harmonious, and transformational experience!

That’s the magic of Sound Immersions and Sound Baths!

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