09. This 1 thing will always mess with your mindset and energy - but here is what you can do about it.

This episode is all about 1 thing that will always mess with your mindset and energy – PRESSURE! It can keep us stuck, trip us up, and just make moving forward feeling like you aren’t getting anyway. But there is something we can do about it. Listen to find out!

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Welcome to The Money Mindset Shift! This is our 9th episode! Can you believe it?! We are almost in the double digits! And this wouldn’t have been possible without you! So thank you for tuning in and joining us! Today, we’re talking about 1 thing that will always mess with your mindset and energy – but don’t worry, we’re also talking about what you can do about it!

We’ve talked a little about societal pressure before – but have you noticed that there is also this pressure to always be getting things right or to fully dig up things from your past?

Like you always need to be striving towards the next goal. Always be on point. Always be exhuming your trauma.

It plays into these ideas of performing and producing.

Performing refers to the idea of needing to meet appearances. There are guidelines set in the social environments in which we live about how to live and what living a good life or living well looks like. That might be wearing the right clothes, getting certain kinds of jobs, meeting certain life benchmarks, and so on.

Producing refers to the outcomes. What we create. We produce physical goods, but also things like metrics on graphs. So a social media following, sales, and so on.

When we are working on our money mindset, this pressure, and pressure in general, is going to fuck us up every time.

The pressure to live up to certain standards or do things certain ways – it trips us up.

It leads us away from our intuition, away from our own personal goals and happiness, and substitutes them for things that may not have actually mattered to us if it wasn’t for the pressure.

And sometimes it can be difficult to discern where the line ends and begins.

For example, I do really like stone countertops. But do I like them and think they are aesthetically pleasing because I think that, or because I have been influenced by society to think it?

Now, for some things, it doesn’t really matter where the line ends or begins. What does matter is if the pressure is getting in the way and fucking things up.

The pressure to make money through hard selling and cold sales can create resistance to selling and to receiving money for goods or services. Kinda puts a wrench in running a business or being an entrepreneur.

The pressure to price things so low that it is unsustainable leads to burn out and a reduction in one’s own ability to not just run a business, but to make a living in general.

Additionally, the pressure to perform and produce plays into our self confidence and how we perceive ourselves. So, if someone is unable to fit into society’s standards whether because they are neurodiverse, have chronic physical or mental health issues, are disabled, or don’t fit into some prescribed category like gender or race, it can be difficult to achieve or live up to the standards. This paired with the radical individualism that is especially present here in the United States, leaves us feeling like it is our fault that we didn’t achieve the things, rather than a feature of the system itself. Which can results in not believing we are worthy of things, including money.

These three examples are just a few ways that this pressure we’ve been talking about can get in our way and fuck things up.

The important thing to remember is that it is not your fault that you feel the pressure. Or even that you try to perform or produce in ways that fit what you’ve been prescribed. Systems, like societies, morals, values, etc. all play into indoctrinating you. They are built in such ways that we don’t even realize we are being assimilated and integrated into these ways of being and thinking.

So even the fact that you have bought into them in the past is not your fault.

But now that you have some awareness, you can begin to release the pressure!

And how do we do that? We journal!

Journaling is a way for me to get my thoughts out of my brain and begin to sort through them. I can follow different threads, see what programs they are tied or woven into.

This makes it easier to begin releasing the pressure and creating new beliefs and programs that are pressure-free, or at leas have less pressure. Ones that fit who you are better.

To do this, you basically just start with what you are thinking and experiencing. Describing it in your journal and noticing the thoughts that come up.

From there you can begin to explore the thoughts and patterns. Digging into them. You can ask questions like “Where did that come from?” and “What is behind that thought / feeling?”

Journaling isn’t the only way, and sometimes it can be difficult to decide where to begin, or even how to journal.

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