10. The 1 thing I do nearly every day to improve my relationship with money

Welcome to Episode 10! We’ve finally hit the double digits! How excited are you?! In this episode we will be focusing on our relationship with money and the 1 thing I do nearly every day to improve my relationship with money – and the 1 thing you can do too!

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Welcome to Episode 10! We’ve finally hit the double digits! How excited are you?! 
In this episode we will be focusing on our relationship with money and the 1 thing I do nearly every day to improve my relationship with money – and the 1 thing you can do too!

A relationship with money, while not a person, is similar to a relationship with another person. We cultivate and grow the relationship through connection. But if money isn’t a person, then how do we connect with it?

There are many ways, but the one thing I do nearly every day to improve my relationship with money is journaling.

“Okay, cool Shelby. So I just whip out a notebook and write in it?”

Kinda. I’ll explain. But let me share a story with you first and let’s see what you notice first.

Back at the end of 2020, vaccines were starting to roll out, but many things were still under lockdown. I had months to sort of self reflect. And I was not satisfied with my relationship with money. I had done work in the past to improve it, but I still felt at odds with money. It was a sort of push-pull relationship – “Go away, no come back.” I decided that needed to change.

In December, I really committed to looking at why I felt that way. What beliefs and programs did I have about money? How were they contributing to the relationship? What things within me needed to heal?

I did this through journaling.

I started with an assessment to gauge where I was at, to later track growth, and to give me a starting point for digging into.
Then each night, I wrote a little bit. Some nights I went back to a previous point. Some nights I elaborated on something that had come up that day around money.

And I started to see a shift.

When I began journaling, I was near the end of a launch. On that last day, I sold a handful of the guide. Something that I hadn’t expected. It didn’t seem like there was any sort of response around it. But there they were, when I woke up. Sale. Sale. Sale.

This was evidence. I took it as a sign to keep going.

So I did.

And within 10 days, a client who was up for renewal, paid in full for a year. Mind blown.

We had discussed renewal, and the previous times, we continued with a new 3 month contract. So I really hadn’t expected a 12 month contract, nor it be paid in full.

I had my first $7k day, and my first nearly $10k month.

I know that if I hadn’t been journaling, I wouldn’t have even thought to include it as an option. My client would have never known. And while yes, my client could have asked for one, but that would have been a much further stretch than me offering one.

By journaling, I was getting more comfortable with money. I was opening up to radical possibilities that I didn’t even think were possible 30 days prior.

Just last week, my husband and I moved 800-some miles. I am 30-ish minutes to the ocean. I could bike to Starbucks – like an actual, stand-alone, Starbucks location. There are like 5 grocery stories within 5 minutes of us. We have stone countertops, stainless steel appliances, and a small outdoor space of our own.

Journaling through my relationship with money, continuing to uncover harmful and oppressive beliefs and programs, connecting with my own mindset and energy around money, and changing them – all of this once again led me to something amazing. This time, it just so happened to be a beautiful apartment that I am absolutely in love with.

So you see, yes it is kind of merely whipping out a notebook and writing in it. But it is using journaling as a tool for self-reflection and transformation. It is delving within to your own connection with money and choosing to create a different kind of connection. One that is more supportive and empowering. One that also doesn’t shy away from the pain and harm, but heals it.

That’s why journaling is the one thing I do nearly every day to change my relationship with money.
It fosters and cultivates a connection that I can work with and it allows me to get rid of the beliefs and programs that strangle the landscape and prevent the flowers from blooming there.

I’ve recorded the prompts and techniques that I used to have that $7k day, nearly $10k month, and to move to an apartment that I am absolutely in love with – and I’ve complied the prompts and techniques into a journal bundle. Small package, big results!

Other people who have used the journal saw increases in income, including a first $5k month, an opening up to receiving of support, and not just a change in their relationship with money, but a change in their relationship with themselves as well.

To learn more about this journal bundle, head on over to shelbymelissa.com/limitless-journal-bundle/

The link is included in the show notes as well.

I can’t wait to hear how your relationship with money changes!

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