12. The Apartment Episode - 3 powerful shifts for manifesting your desires

This is episode 12 of the money mindset shift! And this episode has been coming for a bit, so I am so excited to share it with you now! I’m sharing my journey to moving and getting an apartment I absolutely adore (balcony, stainless steel appliances, kitchen island with a sitting area, a nice tub, oh and biking distance to Starbucks), and 3 powerful shifts for manifesting your desires too!


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This is episode 12 of the money mindset shift! And this episode has been coming for a bit, so I am so excited to share it with you now! I’m sharing my journey to moving and getting an apartment I absolutely adore, and 3 powerful shifts for manifesting your desires too!

At the end of July, my husband and I moved 850-some miles across the country into an apartment that I completely adore. And I’m totally going to take a moment to gush about this new place!

I love the balcony. It is so nice to have a semi private outdoor space. We didn’t have that before and it totally makes a difference. I get to sit outside with my plants in the morning and do a little work.

The kitchen is open to the living area since it is a newer build. And we have an island with a breakfast bar. I adore having a breakfast bar that I can slide into while my husband cooks, and attempt to be sneaky and sample as he cooks!

And the bathtub is decently deep compared to the ones that I am used to. I actually took my first bath in it the other night, and it was really nice. There is a glass jar, like a cookie jar, and I’m very much looking forward to putting bath stuff in it – be it bath bombs or maybe an epsom salt and dried flower blend. It is really turning into such a relaxing space.

The only thing that could really make it better is if it was closer to the ocean – but considering we were a 2 hour plane ride from the ocean before, a 30 minute drive is pretty darn close.

And super important, Starbucks is super close! Like I could probably bike there. But it is pretty hot right now, and I’d rather go through the drive-thru since you know, COVID and all.

But how did we get here, to this apartment that I am super happy with? And, more importantly, how you can ____________.

This journey doesn’t start with apartment hunting. It starts with changing my relationship to money.

  1. I went from cycles of restriction, pushing and pulling, to more abundance and expansion. I’ve begun to create a relationship that isn’t marked by distrust – but by flow and the desire to understand.

    And rent is a thing. Moving costs money.

    If I remained afraid to spend, or resistant to making money, I wouldn’t have felt as comfortable as I did. And that isn’t to say that I felt 100% comfortable. Because that would be wrong. Of course I was nervous. Of course I worried. But I felt comfortable enough. And that was what I needed. To be comfortable enough to take the leap. Not just with moving, not just with the apartment, but with showing up and with digging into the programs that were keeping me stuck.
  2. From changing my relationship with money, I was opening to possibilities. The abundance was there, but I also had to be open to it. Open to the unseen doorways and windows. And really, well miracles. The everyday miracles.

    My husband and I had the opportunity to do some apartment hunting while visiting my mom, who was gracious enough to drive two hours to take us to see some apartments. It was a miracle in itself that we were all able to get vaccines in time for all of us to be fully vaccinated to even coordinate the trip. And then on our way, we got hungry and stopped to have McDonalds. That day, we saw 3 apartments, and would later see another closer to my mom. But none were just right. While discussing with my husband, he suggested widening our search area. And because we stopped at that McDonalds, I remembered it and looked in the exact area that we are in now.
  3. Then, having changed my relationship to money and opened to possibilities – I had also leaned further into service. Because being open to possibilities also meant being open to serving and being of help. And to doing things differently.

    There are many different ways to market, but I haven’t been particularly great at some of them, and a bunch of them have felt rather gross. So I stopped doing those things. I stopped trying to message people with the intention of selling. I stopped even trying to form relationships in terms of service provider and potential client.

    Instead, I asked “how can I help?”

    I still made my posts on social media. I still created podcast episodes. I still created offers. I still spoke to people in my DMs. So none of that changed. It was the approach to those things.

    Sales became even easier. And I officially had my second best month ever in my business. This has given me the income to better support our move and afford our apartment in a more comfortable way.

Now, don’t get me wrong. We absolutely had help as well. My Dad helped us get a pod, so we didn’t have to do the U-haul thing again. My dad and my husband’s sister and brother-in-law helped us load the pod. My mom provided us a place to stay so we could rest before getting the keys to our apartment. And my mom and step-dad have been a huge support in helping us furnish our apartment – from helping us move our furniture in, to helping decorate, to keeping an eye on deals and finds, and to even giving us furniture that they no longer wanted.

It would be negligent of me to not include all of the support that we did have. Because, I don’t want you to think that you have to do things on your own. None of us do. And that would be the secret 4th point that I want to share with you. All of our support systems look different. But access the ones that you do have – from information, to physical support, to emotional, to financial. It is not wrong to ask for help. It isn’t wrong to accept help. Nor is it wrong to offer support to someone else. Being there for each other is something we are made to do.

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