14. The 3 changes being made to Heal Your Money Sh*t to get you more results

*I swear in this episode. Additionally, this episode is an edited version of a live I did in the Money Mindset Shift Community on Facebook.

The beta round of Heal Your Money Shit has wrapped up! And I’ve learned, some things need to be changed. Listen to this episode to learn more about what is being changed and why! Get a look behind the scenes and take these insights to apply them to your own business!


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Okay. Yay. So, hello, welcome. So glad that you are here Where should I start? So back in over the summer, we started the heal, your money, shit course. This was a continuation of the betas that we started back in January, February.

So back then we tested the journal and we tested like a membership sort of style thing. And we tested someone. The one-on-one went great. Loved that the journal itself amazing loved it, that you saw the evolution of that and what it is now. And it will continue to evolve. The membership is where things were a little sticky.

And that’s kind of what’s evolved into this course. So over the last 10, 11 weeks now we were testing a course. There were two people who are my beta testers. I love them so much love to them. And we found that this work goes really deep. So in 10 weeks, they only got through about half of the course and that is not on them whatsoever. They are amazing. And there’s nothing wrong with that. 

It’s just that we found that it went so deep that they needed time to process. They needed more time to go through the content, to do the energy work and to really dive in. And 10 weeks is just not enough time. There was content coming out every week. 

We were processing. Uh, so we had Q and A’s is what I had called them when we were going to do four throughout the entire thing. Well, that didn’t work. We’ve added more. So I think we have one more this Friday and that will be our sixth one, actually. So there’s some things needed to shift and. 

I think that it goes so deep and was so much more in depth than we had all anticipated is a matter of three things.

So one with our money mindset, with those programs that were given they’re tangled balls of mess. Right. So, Ooh. So my, actually my head phones aren’t too tangled, but like, You know, let’s imagine a couple of headphones, all tangled together. They’re attached to many different things. And so as you’re untangling it, it’s pulling up stuff that we didn’t even realize was there. Or maybe we’ve had an inkling that was there, or maybe we haven’t wanted to deal with yet. And so we know that it’s bringing up all of this stuff. 

And on top of that, I have a therapy background. So I’m kind of a little bit more inclined to go deeper than maybe your average courses claim to do. And I think because the wounds go deep, right.

We need to heal them. And I figured it would be remiss of me just to do healing surface level stuff. Right. Rather than actually get in and address the core of what’s going on and all those, the little like tendrils, right. This mess. Right. 

And then on top of that, there’s something different about being in a course where you’re in it with other people you’re in a container, you have somebody who’s there supporting you. It’s a different level of safety than has had when you’re going through the journaling on your own and when you’re doing the money mindset on your own. You are held in a deeper way and you feel safe (in a support container). You feel safe to explore those deeper things. 

So like I know I felt safer too. And I was the one facilitating it. Like I felt that connection in that space. And so I think those are the three things that contributed to the course going deeper than we expected and kind of addressing things on a deeper level than we had expected. And that wasn’t anybody’s fault. Like that’s just kind of, it was sort of natural. 

And so thus they only got halfway through and that’s totally okay. That’s actually like, I think a great thing because to me it showed that they are one taking it seriously. So we know that this is important to people and important to them, but it also showed like how deep it goes. Right. And that shows to me that there were areas where I could provide more support, where I could hold the people going through the course in a better safer way. 

So I want to talk about how we’re addressing that going forward. And the reason I’m doing this is transparency, one. So you can see like the thought process and the things that go into this. But many of us are entrepreneurs in this space as well and we don’t always get to see the the like logical strands and like things that kind of go into courses and that go into why we change programs and that go into why we make the decisions that we do and why we even do betas. We do betas for this exact reason, is that we can have an idea of how things will go, but we don’t always know until we get into it. And so things need to change and shift. And that’s a natural part of the process that doesn’t mean anybody was wrong. It doesn’t mean it was bad. It just means that we have an opportunity to refine and to bring things further into alignment, to make them more sparkly and to really, like in this case, support people.

And for me, that’s super important. That’s really at the core here. So we’re going to do a couple of things to address this.

One is that the structure’s going to be a little bit different. So going forward for the next round instead of a 10 week program, everybody’s getting a year long access, basically.

So you get the core content that is yours forever, and then you get year along access into the support community, which is the Facebook group and three, maybe four sometimes depending on how the month is laid out, support sessions. 

So before there was where the Q and A, where people could come in and they could ask questions, we could kind of like go through some of the reframing process and whatnot together, and really just connect and talk about the things that we feel and the things that are coming.

Well, as they said, we found out that we needed more of those and we wanted more of those. I loved them. I enjoyed them so much. I wanted more of them too. And they were just so helpful. So why not? So we’re going to include more of those. And what that kind of looks like right now is that there’s one week off a month for everybody. It’s off for me, it’s off for the people in the program and that’s, so we have time to relax.

We know we don’t have to be anywhere. We know we don’t have a call that week. But the other weeks, we will have the opportunity for a support session. And this will vary depending on people’s schedules. And it will vary upon the amount of people that we have in the support community. 

So let’s say we have 30 people, that’s a lot of people to get to in a call. So we may add additional calls. So there might be multiple times a week that people could come out. We have this flex space, one that I am building into. And two, we’re having more of those support sessions for people because one, I enjoyed it, but two, we found they were needed. Like we need that time to process. We need that time to be in community with other people and to be held, not just in the container of the course, but to really feel that connection and be held with other people. 

So we’re going to add more of those and again, it’s not a 10 week structure anymore. It’s you get the content forever. It comes out pretty much all at once, and you get access, again, to that support community for a year, which you can renew if you so choose. So there is sort of a built in extended sort of deadline, quote unquote, so that people …

I don’t know if you’re like me, but I need somewhat of a deadline. Otherwise I’m going to procrastinate. Probably most of the time I procrastinate. Hi, that’s me. I’m a procrastinator. And that’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with that. Especially in something like this, where we have a lot of stuff coming up and resistance can be a part of that. Right?

So, because we know that this is so deep because we know there’s a lot to process and because you’re, like me, you’re going to find resistance to things. You’re not gonna want to do it. You’re going to need that time and space to process and get to that point. You have that year long support container. Which after that time you can renew, because I don’t want to just cut anybody off.

I don’t want just to be like kick you off and be like, all right, you’re on your own. Now you will still have the content you have that forever. Um, however long the internet exists, however along, you know, it’s up on the website, et cetera, et cetera. Right. Um, but you also get that support container, which you can renew. And you will be supported in that. You will continue to get access to the sessions. You will continue to get access to the group where you can talk to people, you can receive your peer support. 

And so those are the main things that we’re changing. The content is staying the same. The content is good so far. We just need that additional stuff.

And if the time comes in the future – this is a continual process for refinement – if we come to realize that we need to edit content or add content, that’ll be something that occurs. 

We are already adding extra bonuses. So, um, I don’t know if I want to announce who’s all giving the bonuses yet, but we have one that came in today. We have one that is in the works and then one that I am looking to add. So I’m looking for somebody to add this perspective. 

So you’re going to get bonus content, not just from me, but from other people. So that way there’s other perspectives and other tools that you are receiving, not just from me. Right?

Because I say this a lot. We talk about this a lot. I am one person. This is my experience through my lens of experience. Like, you know, if you can see me right now, like, hi, I’m white. I am cis-gender. And these things color my perspective. They- the things that I view the world through are through those lenses.

And I, my experiences, right, are not just processed through me, but processed through the world because of the things that they perceive in me. Correct? So things that worked for me may not work for somebody else. And that is really important for me to include a diversity of voices and to include other perspectives because it’s going to be different.

And I always say, take this and make it your own. Take the tools, make them your own. Many of them come from therapy experience, so they do have evidence-based practices behind them, but we know that when things are tested, there can still be bias inside of that. Right. And so this is our way of handling some of that. Getting rid of some of that bias, adding in more perspectives, compensating people for that time. And providing you with a greater wealth of knowledge and experience to draw upon. 

So that is, I think now that’s the third change that we’re making is you’re getting more bonus additional content, not just from me, but from other people.

And this will be a continual refinement process. So you may find more bonuses in the future and you may find that some of the content is refined over time. So maybe we need to go back into module four and add on additional discussion around it. Cool long is something that will happen. 

So that’s, what’s going on here and that’s why we’re doing it differently – is because we found these things and we found that it needs a different structure. And I wanted to share this process with you, not just so that, you know what it’s like going forward because we will be opening doors for enrollment in the future, soon.

Like, oh, well, even the next few weeks, uh, I am a little bit behind in where I wanted to be with things. Right. So nthat means I’m going to have to take some time to get through them. Not a big deal. It just means we pushed back a little bit. However, enrollment will be opening soon. And I wanted you to have an idea of going forward, like why things look different when you see that. But also to give you a peek behind the curtain of this whole process, because some of you have been with me since we started this back in January, where we shifted into adding money mindset, to my, um, knowledge suite. 

And some of you are newer, so I wanted  to bring in that background and give that transparency of this is what worked the content, the Q and A’s like, we love to these, right? Those are the support sessions going forward, the Q and A’s, but we needed more time. We need a more support sessions. We needed more of that connection. And so that’s going to be different going forward. We’re getting more of that. There’s more time and it’s not just a week by week course structure. This is really a little bit more of a program then of course, in on. So it’s not just, you come in, you take week one, you take week two. It’s a little bit more of a program where you are supported long-term with me, with other people and we have space for this to evolve over time. If we need to add more support sessions, if we need to add more people doing the supporting and all of that. 

I think that has been the biggest shift throughout this entire thing. And the biggest lesson that I took from this, I’d love to hear what you took from this talk. I’d love to hear from you. You can share it in the comments. You can share it with me on Instagram. You can message me privately. I’d love to hear like what you took from this, what understanding you have, whether you were part of the beta or not.

What did you take from this? I think I’ve said that like 20 times now, but I really want to know. What was salient to you, right. And what you understood from this, because that also informs how we’re going to implement things going forward. If something was more important to you, that’s probably going to be more salient to you. And that gives me emphasis on what I need to know going forward and what needs to be implemented or shifted or changed, et cetera, refined. What have you. 

I think having that additional support, which we are creating in this space is really just going to help get people that much further and really, I think help with some of the like sticky pieces that we run into the resistance, the tangled knots, the procrastination.

So this’ll, this is going to be a really amazing experience. And I’m really excited about this. I hope that you are too, and whether you are excited to join or learn more, or you’re just excited to see it occurring out in the world, like,  appreciate all of that excitement. I appreciate all of you being here. And it’s such an honor to hold space for this and to have you all be witness to this journey, because this has really been like a year long thing at this point. So I’m really excited to see how this continues as we all co-create it together, because this is not just me creating out of myself in a vacuum.

This is you all also informing and having a say and influencing how this is created. And how it is implemented. So thank you so much, not just thank you for being here, but thank you for being part of this entire process. It really means a lot to me. Um, so I want to say that from the bottom of my heart, I do really appreciate it and thank you. Um, I am really excited to see how. 

Turns out and all of the results that people get from this new structure, because I guess I didn’t say these things, I should probably say that real quick before we end, this is that there was already so much that was occurring within the four or five modules that people had gotten through. So moving from a two to a four and satisfaction. Uh, with relationship to money and we’re taking all of that data and we’re going to aggregate it so that we can see the shifts and everything over time with everybody in a group. And everybody gets to consent to that. Or to withdraw their consent for that.

Uh, we had two credit cards paid off from people in the group, uh, allowing themselves access to other money accounts, which is huge because there were programs that were telling us, you can’t do this with that or this thing or that thing. And all of this also supported people to release offers while they were in the group and this isn’t the only thing that they were doing. They had other support too. 

So I want to like really bring that in. Is that, this is a part of your support network. This is not the thing, but it is one of the things. And I was so excited to see those offers being launched and to sort people through things, because part of launching an offer is pricing and receiving the money and sometimes paying for things.

So, I’m super excited to see what new things come from this new structure and this new experience that we’re creating. I think it’s gonna be really good. I’m really excited for it. So I hope that you’ll join the wait list and you will see more this coming out soon.

Um, I’m working on all of the things there’s going to be another live there’s going to be, um, or it might be more of like a workshop / master class / webinar sort of things, but there’s going to be another experience, uh, related to it. Emails, there’s going to be more podcast episodes coming out. And. There’s going to be bonuses, um, gifts, special workshops, things like that. So there’s gonna be an early bird process and a non early bird process. Um, Yeah, there’s going to be a lot of fun. So I’m really excited.

You will hear all about it obviously. And I hope that you are excited too, so let’s keep co-creating together because I really could not have done this without all of you and all of your perspectives and understandings and thoughts, the things that we’ve been talking about in the group, uh, here in the community, privately all of the things.

So. I want to really thank you again from the bottom of my heart for that, because I do really appreciate that. And I don’t think we realize how much of what is put into the world. Isn’t just us. It is. All of us coming together. So thank you again. Thank you for listening. Thank you for watching. Thank you for your thoughts and your support.

And I can’t wait to see the things that you create and the shifts and the relationship with money that you create. That you desire as a part of this.

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