15. The Update Episode

*I swear in this episode.

Where have I been? Where did I go? Let me tell you what happened, and what lesson you can take from my experience and story.

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It has been a number of weeks since the last Money Mindset Shift episode. Like 2 months at this point. I appreciate your patience and I would like to share with you what has been going on. So you can consider this your update episode.

In the last episode I spoke about changes made to Heal Your Money Shit and how that would get you more results as someone taking the program.

Well, I put a pin in the launch not long after that. HYMS is still around, but it is not available yet. I love the course. It is truly amazing.

But the timing wasn’t right. And the changes made were actually not in alignment with where my own energy was at, at the time.

For example, all of the additional calls in the month.
At the time, I really didn’t know how I was going to make them work because I was already feeling tired with the load of calls I had at the time. Adding an additional one each week, may not seem like a whole lot, but when you are already pushing past your max – it becomes the one that breaks the camel’s back.

Everything else, I really love. The content, the additional bonuses – I love it.

It just needed some more time to gestate.

I then shifted my focus to prepping for Black Friday, with HYMS on hold. So I basically went from one launch into another, when I was already tired.

And of course the new Animal Crossing Update came out. And I have been living my best islander life! It really brought a lot of joy to my life to dive back in. In those early days of the release, it really fed my soul. This I think really shows how much I needed ‘off time’. How much I needed that time where my brain could turn off, where I could relax, and where I could just create for the joy of creation.

Then Black Friday came and went, and it didn’t really go as I had intended or planned. Such is life sometimes right? Not a big deal.

But it invited me to take a step back and refocus.

I had not only tried to push the Heal Your Money Shit launch, but I kept pushing when I needed to take a breath and allow.

I got caught up in what other people were doing. This is completely natural because as humans, we look to other humans for connection, inspiration, and so on. But there is a fine line between that and comparing ourselves to others. And this only increased the pressure and pushing.

Then also, I had gotten sucked into the money trap. By nature of working on our money mindset, we also look at numbers and goals. Ya know, makes sense right? But the trick is not to get sucked into those numbers, to get sucked into them meaning something about you or your business. And so that had happened too. I got sucked into chasing the number rather than being in the process.

I’ll be going deeper into each of these points in the coming episodes – giving more details and sharing how to address these sticky areas, and so on.

With all of that, with the launch, with Black Friday, with the Animal Crossing update and being sucked into the game, and getting stuck in all these other sticky places, the podcast had fallen to the wayside.

I don’t know about you, but when you have too many things on your plate, you tend to look for things to off-load. Or at least I do. And the podcast was one of those things. Along with emails sometimes, along with social media posts sometimes.

I didn’t have enough space on my plate to juggle all of them. And in fact, my plate had really shrunk its capacity because I was pushing. Not actually taking care of myself. Not taking that time to breathe. Not taking that time to step back and reflect.

So do you remember when I spoke about committing to doing things your way? And committing to journaling? If you’re familiar with Limitless: The Money Mindset Journaling Bundle, I really highlight it in the bundle. But I’ve also highlighted it a few times over the course of the podcast.

Well, this is me recommitting myself to the podcast. That means more episodes for you to look forward to. And as always, I hope that you will enjoy them.

But this is recommitting myself to not just creating these episodes that I really hope you will enjoy, but recommitting myself to finding that balance in whatever way that looks like to me. Finding the things that light me up rather than just drain me. And giving myself the space that I need.

And so it’s recommitting to refocusing on service, on support, on joy, and freedom, and all of those things as well.

So if you’re gonna take anything from this update episode, know that it is okay to take time to refocus. It is natural, it is sometimes very needed, and you didn’t do anything wrong if you’ve come to the point where you need to refocus. It is human, it is natural, and it happens. Happens to all of us.

So take that time. Refocus. Watch for the money trap. The comparison trap. And give yourself that space. Don’t push when it’s not time to push. Give yourself time and your programs time and your business time to gestate. To grow. To be deeply nourished.

So take a moment when you have time to consider how can you deeply nourish yourself and your business. Where can you recommit yourself in your business? And where do you need to refocus at this time, if anywhere? It’s possible that there may not be something. But, given that, as we’ve spoken about, society is always bombarding us with messages, chances are that might be somewhere to refocus.

So thank you for catching up with me. I hope that you enjoyed this episode and you’ll enjoy the coming ones where we talk about pushing, comparing ourselves to others, and that sticky spot in money mindset that we can easily slide right into and get stuck. That quicksand.

So I hope that you will enjoy those as well. And make sure that you are following, subscribed, whathaveyou, getting the notifications for the podcast so you don’t miss them.

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