16. What hasn't been working - Pushing

Last episode you heard what I’ve been up to and what hasn’t been working. And one of the things that hasn’t been working for me is pushing.  So you know when you can see where things are going, but like not quite how to get there yet? Yeah. That’s what we’re talking about today on this episode.

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Last episode you heard what I’ve been up to and what hasn’t been working. And one of the things that hasn’t been working for me is pushing. And that is exactly what we are talking about in this episode of the Money Mindset Shift.
So you know when you can see where things are going, but like not quite how to get there yet? Yeah. That’s what was and is happening.
And let me tell you, I can be an impatient person.
For a Taurus, I really don’t have patience when it comes to things that I want.
And like so many of us – when I can see the thing, I want to be there. I want to make it happen!
So, I tried to do that. Because I could see the direction I was heading in.
I sent out an email with some special pricing and special focus sessions. You know, to help along the progress. Start getting the energy going. Get that feedback.
It did not go how I was expecting it to.
I thought I could send out the email and I would have a bunch of responses when I woke up in the morning.
And maybe it was because I sent it out at nearly midnight. Maybe people thought the spots had already been filled up. (And there was definitely a bit of underpricing going on.)
But what didn’t help – was that I was pushing. I was trying to arrive at the destination without going through the process.
When we do this, our clients can pick up on that energy. Whether they are conscious of it or not, they feel it. And they’re like, “yeah… something doesn’t feel… quite aligned… or quite vibey… or like, ya know just magnetic there. So… I’m gonna pass.”
And that is exactly what they did. I had zero responses when I woke up in the morning despite nearly a fourth of my list having opened it.
I was pushing. I was trying to arrive at the destination without going through the process.
There is a huge reminder here that mirrors a card from The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck by Kim Krans. In this deck, the Spider is all about being in the process.
The Spider weaves and weaves, without the thought of what the end product will look like. Just doing their thing. So rather, they stay in the process, in the moment. That is when abundance flows for the Spider, supporting them financially and spiritually, as well as those around them.
When the Spider is in this energy, in this space, it overflows – that abundance. And they keep weaving, and weaving, and weaving.
You can see my error. I was focusing too much on getting to the endpoint rather than being in the process and letting it unfold.
When I look back in my business, I can think of many times where I did this. I pushed something, I tried to rush through the process, I tried to get to that result quickly without actually like, learning the lessons or internalizing anything. And pretty much every time, that didn’t turned out the way I had wanted it to go.
I think of a time when the theme in my business was “That Magic Life.” And I had created this whole product suite around it, a whole process for it, but I had pushed it. I had tried to rush through the internal process, and the learning, and the weaving, and just go straight to that spider web network of catching bugs and being supported.
I had tried to push my way to that point where everything was “perfect.” And it really did not go very well.
And I shifted in my business. And the story unfolds time and time again.
So next time you feel yourself getting anxious and itching just to be there already, take a deep breath. Slow down. And refocus on where you are at right now. Allow yourself to be in the process, whatever that process is. Of learning, creating your business, of implementing. Seeing the things as data and allowing yourself to continually realign.
It is a bit like walking a map as the map itself is being revealed to you. You can’t push and get too far ahead, otherwise, you’ll get lost and off-track because the map hasn’t been revealed in those areas yet. And you don’t really wanna get too far behind either.

We wanna stay in pace. To keep pace with the revealing that is happening. And trusting in the process of taking each step. And trusting that as each step is made, the map will continue to be revealed and things will continue to unfold, and that you will get to that point that you can see. No matter how far it is in the distance, you can get there.

But again, if you push past it, you end up lost. Off-track. Having gone in a different direction. And having to correct course.
Much like the Spider, continue weaving. Allow yourself to learn and be in the moment. 
You will get there. So you might as well enjoy it right? You might as well enjoy the process and the journey along the way.

Does this resonate with you? This pushing? This forcing? Let me know. If you don’t, maybe you can share some of your Spider wisdom with us for being in the process – in the moment. So share your thoughts on social media and tag myself @shelbymelissa either on Instagram or where have you. Cause I would love to hear your thoughts and your experiences with this as well, and how your journey goes as the map is unfolding before you. And how you stay in process and in tune with that weaving that you are doing.

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