02. What you need to know in order to do money mindset work

This second episode of The Money Mindset Shift focuses on the basics of what you need to know in order to do this money mindset work. We define mindset, so we all start on the same page and with the same frame of reference. Then we discuss what that looks like in life, especially the United States. Over the course of this discussion, you will be able to pick out the things you need to know. But don’t worry. We go over them again at the end!

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Let’s start where we always start – with the basics! What do you need to know about mindset in order to do mindset work? That’s what we’re talking about in this, our second episode!

The Miriam-Webster Dictionary defines mindset as “a mental attitude or inclination.” So when we talk about shifting our money mindset, we’re talking about changing our thoughts, beliefs, and feelings in regards to money.

As we grow up in the world, we learn things – consciously and unconsciously. We see how other people use money, we hear how they talk about it, we see how it makes them feel, we observe how they interact with money. “They” being family, friends, celebrities, television and Internet personalities, mentors, employers, and so on.

And then there is the collective norms and programs around money.
“Flaunt it! Buy things!” But also – “Hush! Money is private! Don’t talk about it.” The societal stories about money also teach us about money, how it relates to our worth and value in society. Money informs our place in society.

In the United States, if you have money, you are desirable. You have worth. People like you. They want to be you. And thus you are better than people who make less than you. While simultaneously you look up to the people who make more than you and striving to be like them.

If you don’t have money, you are not desirable. But even less than that, you are undesirable, gross, lazy, unworthy. You aren’t even worth or deserving of food or housing. You must work harder. You must earn more in order to earn you place in society, otherwise, you are worthless.

It’s really shitty.

No wonder our relationship with money gets so unfulfilling, and our mindset gets so disempowering.

Before working on my money mindset, I had a push-pull relationship with money.

I wanted it because I felt good when I had it. It also allowed me to do things like buy things for friends, help them move. And donate to people across the country facing difficulties of their own.

But I also pushed it away because I didn’t want to become so centered on money. I didn’t want it to become all of who I was. I thought that having lots of it would change me and that the people I cared about would resent me.

I wanted the money, but I didn’t want it like that.

Kind of confusing huh?
Imagine you were talking with a friend. “Come over! No wait, go away. You make me a bad person. No come back! I need you to survive!” It’s kind of abusive. And that is what I was doing to myself because of the programming, the thoughts and beliefs, the mindset I had around money. It was only once I began addressing my mindset that I was able to break free of this pattern.

Maybe you have this pattern too, or maybe you have a different relationship pattern with money. But you can see how it gets tangled.

Money mindset and energy work are tools for us to do the work of untangling the programming we’ve been given.

So, what we need to understand in order to do this work –
1. What we mean when we talk about mindset – our mental attitude about something, in this case, money.
2. That it is messy. The programming you are changing is tangled up and you will run into various things.
3. We don’t do this work in a vacuum. The programming we’ve received is directly related to the world we live in. Addressing it cannot be divorced from it.
4. Money mindset and energy work are tools. Miracles can and do happen, but the tools aren’t magic pills. You are the magic. Your determination and perseverance and all the things are magic.

Those are the things I want you to know and I believe that you need to know in order to do this work.

How we reframe, how we address the programs, that is all good stuff – but they will vary slightly for each person.

But this other stuff, is important because it informs how we see and do the work. And THAT is what you need to know.


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