20. The Second Stage of Abundance: Expanding Receiving

Stage 2 – Expanding Receiving
This week we will be continuing our discussion and dive into the 4 Stages of Abundance! In the last episode we looked at the first stage, Possibilities – which is really an opening up to seeing things differently and beginning to dream differently. Today, we are rolling right into the second stage of abundance titled Expanding Receiving.

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Welcome to the 20th episode of the Money Mindset Shift! What a wonderful milestone! This week we will be continuing our discussion and dive into the 4 Stages of Abundance! In the last episode we looked at the first stage, Possibilities – which is really an opening up to seeing things differently and beginning to dream differently. Today, we are rolling right into the second stage of abundance titled Expanding Receiving.

After you begin to open to possibilities and see that things can and do get to be different, your focus shifts to creating that reality.

That is when you begin to expand your receiving.

At this point, when you first enter this stage, your experience of money is changing. But it still isn’t enough to pay the bills, or at least not all of the time. There still isn’t “enough” money. Whatever enough means for you.

This may be a result of experiencing ups and downs in income, especially as a business owner, or ups and downs in spending.

It can feel a bit like feast then famine. And this, combined with there not being enough money, can make it really difficult to look at your checking account. There can even be an aversion to receiving bills.

And, fellow business owners and entrepreneurs, you may even feel the pressure and that hectic “gotta make money” energy that shows up when you’re selling, when you’re trying to talk to potential clients, and when you’re showing up on social media. That energy is repelling. So what do we even do about this?

Through journaling, observing your body, and changing the programs you’ve been given – you begin to heal your wounds, especially those relating to feeling forgotten by money or the Universe or whatever higher power you ascribe to. You begin to disconnect your self worth from money itself. This leads to incremental increases in your self worth and in the embodiment of the knowledge that your worth had never actually changed in the first place.

I’m going to say that again. Your worth had never actually changed in the first place. Meaning you’re always worthy of your needs being fulfilled, and of the opportunities to fulfill your desires that didn’t depend on the amount of money you made, or on how other people viewed you, or on your work output. Your worth had never actually changed in the first place.

As a business owner, you may also adjust your prices and feel more comfortable sharing your prices because they are no longer a reflection of worth. They get to be merely be prices. And that energy of “I’ve gotta make a sale!” and trying to grab onto clients, and trying to just like, draw up all the money you can from wherever you can, right? That hectic grasping energy begins to dissipate. And it doesn’t quite show up as much or even at all when you show up online, when you show up to sales calls, when you write emails or social media posts. It all changes.

So, how do you move through this stage and expand your receiving exactly? We touched on a few things. Journaling, observing your body, changing the programs you’ve been given. But like, how?

– Continue to be the observer of your mind and body. That’s when you observe the things that come up. Your thoughts, emotions, and bodily sensations. Seeing them all as signals. As data points for you to extrapolate information from and interpret. They can tell you when you bump up against tangled programing, or when something pokes a wound. As you notice those things, you can continue to shift and heal in the direction you desire to go. So you’re gonna continue to be that observer. You’re gonna continue to notice the things as they come up, and you’re gonna continue to shift and heal.

– And I also want you to know and integrate that not everything is because of you. You have deep power in the world and in your life. But you have to release the blame that because of the circumstances of your life that you made them. You made those circumstances. When in actuality you live within systems that work to keep money and resources out of the hands of many. And that includes your hands too. So it’s not your fault that you haven’t had money in the past. It’s not your fault that there have been mistakes with money or anything like that. Because the systems we live in have been designed for that. To create that experience. However by doing this work, you are working to disrupt those systems. You may even find yourself getting involved directly with causes to support that disruption. Channel your ability to create change through your life and into the world. So that was the second one. Knowing, releasing the blame, and channeling your ability to create change. It’s kinda like three mini points in one.

– Also use the Evaluate, Shift, Heal ™ framework. That’s my proprietary framework for healing these things, moving through these things and moving up through these abundant stages. Know where you are at and where you are going. That’s “Evaluate”. Shift through the programs. So you’re reframing. You’re changing your thoughts. You’re changing the beliefs that are now inside of you that these programs have given you. And you’re healing the wounds inflicted upon you with compassion and kindness towards yourself. So give yourself grace and forgiveness. Appreciate the support you have received from money and the things you have been able to do with it. And continue to reframe and detangle those programs.

The Receive More course can guide you in this. Go from constriction and false scarcity, to cultivating trust in yourself and in money to show up for you. Release resistance to receiving and selling in your business. And of course, make more money!

You deserve to be able to pay your bills without struggle. You deserve to feel good about the money you spend and invest. You deserve to feel good about receiving money!

Learn more about the Receive More course at  https://shelbymelissa.com/receive-more/

And of course the link is in the show notes.

Receive More is open for enrollment (I’m so excited!) through February 19th, so I recommend reaching out if you have questions. Hit me up on instagram @shelbymelissa and we’ll have a no pressure chat to get you the information that you need in order to make the best decision for you.

Again, the best decision for YOU. That may not be this course. That may be some other offer I have. It may be something else entirely. I’m not here to make that decision for you. I’m here to give you the information. It is up to you and I trust you to make the decision for yourself.

Continuing to implement what you know, continuing to do the work from the previous stage, will help you get through this one as well. So the things we talked about in the last episode, they will help you in this one as well. But there are additional things that come up at this stage – further healing the relationship cycles with money, beginning to release debt, and more that require a little bit of a different strategy than opening up to possibilities required.

Regardless though, I trust in your ability to move through difficult things, to heal, and to decide what is supportive for you as you do those things. You’ve gotten through difficult things before. You’ve healed other parts of yourself and your experiences. And you’ve made decisions that were supportive for you even when they didn’t appear to be to begin with. I trust you to continue to do that.

In the next episode, we will dive into Overflow! So if these last two stages didn’t really resonate with you maybe this next one will.  Once you expand your receiving and you continue to do so, you’ll begin to have more than enough for your bills. For the things that are required for your life. So how do you continue to get there? And how do you move through this stage of Overflow to Having it all?

Well, we will talk more about that and more in the next episode of The Money Mindset Shift! See you next time!

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