22. The Fourth Stage of Abundance: Having it All

Stage 4 – Having it All
Over the last few episodes, we’ve worked through the first three stages of abundance – Possibilities, Expanding Receiving, and Overflow. The last stage is Having it all.

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Welcome back to our series on the Four Stages of Abundance here on The Money Mindset Shift podcast!

Over the last few episodes, we’ve worked through the first three stages of abundance – Possibilities, Expanding Receiving, and Overflow.

The last stage is Having it all.

This is what most people are working towards. Maybe yourself included! Comfortability. Free from worry. Space to make “mistakes.” Money feeling good. And freedom.

So is there even anything to work on at this stage?
Of course!

Once you’ve got overflow down, your experience of money shifts. You can take a vacation here or there. You can “afford” to splurge. But you are still closely watching your bank account. The fear is still there of potentially running out. This is where the 4th stage of Having it all begins.

The work here is continuing to embody the knowledge that abundance is your natural state. The overflow spills over not just into all areas of your life, but into the lives around you in a fuller way than before.

There is further healing of shame and blame around releasing struggle and what it means that you don’t have to struggle anymore. Now, this isn’t to say that life doesn’t happen. There is still loss and grief, there is still anger, there is still being human, but you are now more financially secure.

But this re-evaluation happens. Especially since so much of our energy goes towards preventing further struggles and dealing with current struggles. When money no longer becomes one of those things, or isn’t even in the top 10 ten anymore, life is different. And when you aren’t at this stage, it can be really difficult to even imagine what it could be like and to prepare for it.

So, this can lead to having to adjust once you get there. That re-evaluation. Who is the you that doesn’t have to worry if there is money in the account to pay for bills at the end of the month? Who is the you who has money for spontaneity without fear?

So much like in the previous stage of Overflow, there is once again an adjustment.

You may also find yourself working on healing the restrict/spend relationship cycle where you go through periods of restriction in money, (saving, saving, saving, no spending) marked by periods of “splurges.” Because splurging isn’t something that could leave you in the same position as it used to, or because you do have it all, you may react by splurging more at first. So, if the root of the restrict/spend cycle hasn’t been addressed yet – it can show up in bigger ways. Making it extra important to address. So if it hasn’t been addressed yet, it is definitely time to address it here. And you may find it coming up in different layers.

Also during this stage, there is continued work around releasing shame and guilt around spending, especially at new levels. Because again, it can be difficult to imagine what this life is actually like, you may not have realized that you are now someone who can or even wants to purchase something like custom cabinets for $20k+. Or maybe something else. For some people, it may be a luxury car, or vacations multiple times a year and not even blinking at the last-minute prices on flights or rooms.

And unfortunately, most societies stratify people based on income and money. Along with this comes judgment based on one’s occupied position. Many times, negative associations are placed on you. But even the seemingly “positive” ones can be a gilded cage of sorts. We’ve talked about this in previous episodes so you may remember some of the things we’ve talked about. Or maybe this sparks you to think of some of your own experiences.

Because of all of this, there can be guilt associated with that spending. Especially when society has told you over and over again that you aren’t the kind of person who should have access to those things, even when you do actually have access to them.

So thoughts like, “Who am I to spend this much?” or “What if something were to happen?” come up – and can also play into the restrict/spend cycle.
But there may be an additional layer of responsibility that you feel.

You may feel like you should give back, or that you should be donating every penny.

And PLEASE do give back and donate. The goal isn’t to not do those things. But, the work IS about looking at what is underneath those feelings. Looking at where those thoughts and programs came from.

Like, do you feel more guilt for having “made it out” while others haven’t?
Why is that?

It is the same work of digging in, releasing programming, and healing that you have done at every other level, just, again, in new layers. And that’s because new experiences can get to those new layers. The way that the brain is, it doesn’t always associate everything together. There’s lots of little connections between various different things. So one experience may follow a particular connection whereas another experience may not follow that. And so when we have a new experience and it follows a new connection, it’s just a new layer and opportunity to address that new layer.

I think by now, you can see that pattern of doing the same work, of digging in, releasing programming, and healing that you have at every other level. It’s just again and again in new layers. So same concepts, different layer.

If you’d like a guide as you dig into the various layers at any stage, let’s hop on a call and chat! I can help you assess which stage of abundance you are at and what would be most helpful for you to do to move through to the next stage! Because even if two people are at the same stage, there can be differences. Again it’s because we live in a constellation of societies, of structures, of communities, and they inform our experiences. And they inform the programs that we are given. And so no two people have the exact same experiences.

So if you’d like to have something a little more personalized, to dig in in a more personalized way, let’s hop on a chat!

You can use this URL – https://shelbymelissa.as.me/?appointmentType=21395541
And you can find it in the show notes too!

And this actually concludes our series on the 4 Stages of Abundance! So there is a lot of different layers with each one as we’ve talked about, and it’s the same work across each one. So journal, tap, meditate, talk with somebody, get a mentor. It’s all the same prescription in a way, just different doses. So make sure to join the Money Mindset Shift Community on Facebook for further discussions on episodes and all topics business and money mindset!

And if you have questions, you can ask them there as well! We’ll talk about the four stages, which stage you are in, and what you took from this series. And I will see you in the group and in the next episode!

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