54. Abundance Overflow Meditation

Welcome back to the Money Mindset Shift! Join me as we delve into the realm of abundance and overflow through meditation. Tap into your inner wisdom of embracing abundance, not only in material possessions – but also in love, relationships, opportunities, and personal growth. Let’s get into it!

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I have a gift for you today!! Instead of the usual content, this episode of the Money Mindset Shift is a meditation! It was inspired by a conversation I had with one of my one-on-one clients in talking about abundance spreading from one area of life to another and another!

Before you dive into the meditation, I do want to let you in on a secret. I believe everyone has the capacity to do energy work, no matter if you are attuned to a tradition, practice, or modality. Energy work is an innate ability that we all have, because everything is and has energy. Including you and me!

So this meditation isn’t really just a meditation, it is a guided energy work meditation, or GEM for short.

To prepare for this meditation, set yourself up in a space where you can be as comfortable and undisturbed as possible. It is okay if you still have to keep an ear or an eye out for kids, pets, or loved ones – the key here is just to do the best that you can. And know that you can do this meditation over and over again.

So hit pause if you need to get yourself situated.

Let’s go ahead and get started!

This is the overflowing abundance meditation / guided energy work.

So take this opportunity to get comfortable, grab water, what have you, pause, get your pillows, your blankets, get all comfy, cozy. And if you’re listening, I assume that you are ready. If you need to take a moment, pause, go do the things, come back.

Go ahead and close your eyes and relax into wherever you are resting. Whether you’re seated and laying, slouched, lounging, what have you, relax. Ease into it. Allow your body to relax and take a deep breath.

And on that exhale, just let yourself sink in.

And find that comfortable, relaxed breath. So this isn’t one that you struggle any harder for or anything. It’s just that one that comes from a place of chill, relaxation, maybe sort of zoning out like it’s all good.

And as you’re doing this, you may notice the rise and fall of your belly in tune with your chest.

All right. You may just rotate your neck, so rolling your head around. Wiggling your shoulders, stretching your fingers.

And you may have a yawn, and that is okay. This is all a natural part of finding that space.

That space where your body can do its thing and you’re able to take your awareness and turn it inwards. And as you’re turning your awareness in words into yourself, into your being, the world around you begins to fade away.

So you may, you may start to notice or not even notice that the world around you, the sounds, they’re just not quite as distracting or present anymore. And it is totally okay to keep an eye or an ear out for kids, pets, loved ones, et cetera, you know, as you do.

But otherwise, that attention is going inwards. Away from the world around you, away from hustle and bustle, away from cars on the street, neighbors, dogs barking, planes overhead, what have you, and into your being, connecting with you.

And just continue breathing as that connection grows. As that inner awareness opens and blossoms even more.

All right, and from this time onwards, I want you to approach or take the perspective of that no matter what you are shown, what you see in your mind’s eye, what you hear, what you suddenly know, what bodily sensations you register, taking those things as just data. Okay, so they’re not good, they’re not bad, they just are. And you can file them away in your experience for now, allowing yourself to continue through this meditation and guided energy work.

And then coming back to them afterwards. You can write ’em out. You, you’ll be able to type ’em out, what have you, and process them at that time. But from now on through the meditation, it’s just all data. It’s just all gifts for you to sort through later. All right? No judgment. No shame. We have left that in the outer world as we’ve come to this inner world. Okay?

And in this inner world, we’re gonna draw upon the energy of abundance.

But, we’re gonna do this by tapping into the abundance that you already have in your life. This can show up in many ways. So I want you to think of a time or a situation where you felt abundant. That can be with money, but it can also be with love, with rest, with nourishment, with any other sort of thing, okay?

Time abundance, any of these things, okay? And more. So don’t limit yourself. Don’t try to force it. Just allow things to come forward. Okay?

Notice the bodily sensations. Notice the pictures or like memories that come to your mind. Notice the knowings and thoughts that come through.

When have you felt abundant? What was happening? What was coming up? Abundant in love, time, finances, freedom, what have you.

Okay? And we’re gonna allow this energy to expand throughout your body, throughout your being. If nothing readily came to mind, that is okay. Just trust that something was there. Okay? Sometimes it’s a little harder to connect in. Sometimes there’s human things happening, right? It’s all okay. So just trust as you’re going through this that it’s there.

And you can imagine a ball, a glowing orb of what have you expanding through your body, through your being, through the whole of your energy, through your life. You can imagine it as sort of like the Ace of Cups and Tarot, where there is a chalice and there is water overflowing from it. And you can imagine this water overflowing into other chalices, which are your other areas of life, right? So it’s going from one area. It’s expanding outward and outward and outward. So it overflows, runneth over, et cetera.

If you are not a visual person, you can just kind of repeat those visualizations to yourself, or you can use words.

So as you’re in this space, you can repeat to yourself that you are abundant and abundance. That it overflows from this area of your life, be it love, what have you, again, overflowing into the other areas of your life again, and you can list those areas. Love, time, freedom, energy, financial, list them to yourself and more. Overflowing as it reaches all areas of your life, your being, your experiences, your sphere of influence and beyond.

And I want you to take a deep breath here and really tune into how you are feeling in this moment. Your bodily sensations, your emotions, the thoughts that are coming up in your mind, the images that are coming to mind, the knowings happening, and just take inventory. Again, seeing them as data, no judgments.

Just really taking this as just noticing.

So do you feel something in your chest, in your belly? Maybe your fingertips. Do you just naturally feel like you can just take a deep breath now? Do you feel a smile on your face?

And then like, what thoughts? What emotions? Are you content? Joyful? Do you feel some resistance? Cause that’s good to note too.

And again, we’re not judging, so just really notice.

And keep breathing those relaxed, deep breaths.

And then we’re gonna carry this feeling into the here and now. So as you are ready, you can begin coming back, feeling the seat, floor, pillows, blanket, what have you, that you are sitting on, laying on, lounging on, or that is against your skin. You can begin rubbing your fingers together. Rubbing your hands on your legs, rolling your neck, just to bring back those physical sensations of having a physical body.

And then you can slowly open your eyes, looking around, being gentle with yourself, noticing the world around you again. So you’re grounding yourself into your senses. And if you desire, you can, you know, like listen to the sounds that are around you again. The cars, the dogs, the airplanes, what have you, from the world around you.

And just really bring yourself back to the here and now using the gifts of your body, the ones that are available to you. Okay? And take a deep breath.

If you are still feeling that abundance feeling, wonderful. If not, that is okay. You can always come back to this meditation, this energy work, and regardless of how you’re feeling right now in this moment, I do encourage you to come back to do this multiple times to continue aligning with the abundance, recognizing the abundance you have, feeling how big it is, how much overflow there is, how it just grows around you, right?

And at this time, I am also going to invite you to jot down your notes. So grab your paper, your pen, uh, start your voice note software, open up a document, what have you, and just put your experience in there without judgment. Get it out and then you can go back and look through your experience.

What emotions came up? What bodily sensations did you notice? What things were you shown? What do those things that you noticed mean to you? Right? If you felt tight as the abundance was growing, you’re like, Ooh, maybe it was scary. Maybe it was just uncomfortable and different.

So I really want you just to tune in what it meant for you, not what other people think it means, what other people have told you. Use your own authority and discernment. What did it mean for you? Okay? And then you can then take that information and do with it what you will.

But again, there’s no further judgment here, at least as far as if you’re a good person or you’re worth or things like that. There is just giving meaning to the data in such a way that you can then move forward with the data. Okay, so if we think of it like a research paper – sorry for bringing everybody back to college and university and everything – it’s that section towards the end that’s like, We’ve gone through our results, right? That’s just the data. Okay? Now we’re doing the summary. The review. We’re looking at like, what does this mean going forward? What does this mean for us? That’s the meaning-making that you’re doing with this. All right? So it’s not, again, a judgment of you or like, your experience with this meditation or whatever.

It’s just giving meaning to that data in a way that you can move forward and take action moving forward. Okay? So, with that all said, thank you for participating in this meditation. I hope you’ve enjoyed it and I would love to hear your experience.

How did you like the meditation? Share your thoughts and experiences with me on Instagram, @shelbymelissa , or share with the Money Mindset Shift Community on Facebook in the so-named group! Links are also in the show notes for ready tapping or clicking!

Thank you for joining me in this episode, and I’ll catch up with you in the next one!

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