When we unravel the programs we’ve received around money, we change our experience of money.
And we begin to change the ways we all experience money.

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The Money Mindset Shift – Episode 14

The beta round of Heal Your Money Shit has wrapped up! And I’ve learned, some things need to be changed. Listen to this episode to learn more about what is being changed and why! Get a look behind the scenes and take these insights to apply them to your own business!

This episode is an edited version of a live I did in the Money Mindset Shift Community on Facebook.

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The Money Mindset Shift – Episode 12

This is episode 12 of the money mindset shift! And this episode has been coming for a bit, so I am so excited to share it with you now! I’m sharing my journey to moving and getting an apartment I absolutely adore (balcony, stainless steel appliances, kitchen island with a sitting area, a nice tub, oh and biking distance to Starbucks), and 3 powerful shifts for manifesting your desires too!

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The Money Mindset Shift – Episode 11

We’ve made it to Episode 11 of the Money Mindset Shift and we’re talking Intimacy with Money! Comfort, Knowledge, Understanding, Closeness. One of the most recent ways I created more intimacy with my money was through a budget. I know, A BUDGET! Gross right? We’ll let’s shift that today in this episode!

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The Money Mindset Shift – Episode 10

Welcome to Episode 10! We’ve finally hit the double digits! How excited are you?! In this episode we will be focusing on our relationship with money and the 1 thing I do nearly every day to improve my relationship with money – and the 1 thing you can do too!

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The Money Mindset Shift – Episode 09

This episode is all about 1 thing that will always mess with your mindset and energy – PRESSURE! It can keep us stuck, trip us up, and just make moving forward feeling like you aren’t getting anyway. But there is something we can do about it. Listen to find out!

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The Money Mindset Shift – Episode 8

With the way most societies are set up, you have to spend money. Food, shelter, healthcare, clothing, etc – it all takes money. So, how do we cultivate comfortability with the fact that we have to spend money? We remember these 3 things.

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The Money Mindset Shift – Episode 7

In this episode we’re talking about the 1 thing that almost always comes up when dealing with money mindset – SELF WORTH – and we’re going over some tips for addressing it! So let’s untangle money from our self worth in this episode and show up unburdened by them!

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The Money Mindset Shift – Episode 6

Taxes can understandably seem scary and stressful. But they don’t have to suck. In this episode of The Money Mindset Shift we are reviewing 3 money mindset reframes that we can make to feel better about paying taxes.

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The Money Mindset Shift – Episode 5

Welcome to Episode 5! It is 2021, but I could have been talking to you about money mindset back in 2018. But I didn’t. While I told myself this was because I had more money mindset work for myself to do, and that was in part true, I also had work to do around worthiness and judgement. And that came down to acceptance. That is something that you could be needing too.

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The Money Mindset Shift – Episode 4

This is our fourth episode and we’re focusing on the one tool I use over and over again in my journal – the money mindset assessment! When I restarted this journey, I committed to doing it my way. And part of that was creating an assessment. Listen to the episode to get all the assessment questions, then use it to take an inventory of your relationship with money and to track your growth over time!

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The Money Mindset Shift Episode 3

Society is fast-paced and can put a lot of pressure on us. So let’s relieve some of that pressure. Give yourself permission to live outside of that narrative and remember: do what you can with what you’ve got and build on it when you can.

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