When we unravel the programs we’ve received around money, we change our experience of money.
And we begin to change the ways we all experience money.

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The Money Mindset Shift – Episode 4

This is our fourth episode and we’re focusing on the one tool I use over and over again in my journal – the money mindset assessment! When I restarted this journey, I committed to doing it my way. And part of that was creating an assessment. Listen to the episode to get all the assessment questions, then use it to take an inventory of your relationship with money and to track your growth over time!

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The Money Mindset Shift Episode 3

Society is fast-paced and can put a lot of pressure on us. So let’s relieve some of that pressure. Give yourself permission to live outside of that narrative and remember: do what you can with what you’ve got and build on it when you can.

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The Money Mindset Shift Episode 2

This second episode of The Money Mindset Shift focuses on the basics of what you need to know in order to do this money mindset work. We define mindset, so we all start on the same page and with the same frame of reference. Then we discuss what that looks like in life, especially the United States. Over the course of this discussion, you will be able to pick out the things you need to know. But don’t worry. We go over them again at the end!

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The Money Mindset Shift – Episode 1

Welcome! In this, the first episode, we’re highlighting what this podcast is about! Obviously, money mindset, but also other things too! Give this intro episode a listen to find out what sorts of goodies are in store for The Money Mindset Shift!

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