An oasis for entrepreneurs of all genders creating impactful businesses, to nourish + reprogram Themselves

Hop in! We're doing business different.

We are talking more ease. More rest. Less hustle. All while focusing on the big impact you want to create.

Come on wave-maker, are you in?

I’ve done it the old way.
Pushing. Not listening to intuition or my body.
Getting burnt out. Anxiety. Depression.

None of this is healthy, but it is the only way we’ve been taught to run businesses.

Have you been doing it this way too?

Check. Check. Check. Double check. 🤦🏼  

What if I told you there is a different way? Would you be relieved? Excited?

Hey! I'm Shelby Melissa -

Energy Worker, Master of Social Work, and professional at putting waaay to much pressure on myself.

See, that’s what I’m really good at. Gotta get it perfect, gotta overachieve, gotta make everyone proud. And no-way-no-how can we say that f-word. I don’t mean fuck, but that one that rhymes with “tailor.”

Whewww!! Just feel that anxiety meter rising huh?
So let’s bring it back down a second. Breathe with me.
In… and out.

We feel this pressure in part because we dream big. We were never made for a box (or cubicle). To do things the standard way, isn’t going to work for us. Because we aren’t standard and our dreams and visions for the world aren’t either.

We want to create change, and that means we have to do things differently.

And that begins with us.

"I don't want to do things the old way anymore.
But, Shelby, how are we doing this differently?"

We’re changing this by:

building a radical community of support and acceptance
focusing it around around nourishing ourselves and reprogramming the conditioning that we’ve received

trading pushing for nourishing
trading hustling for reprogramming

doing this together in a space for authentic connection
in a space where we can encourage each other
a space where no one person is “better” or above another in some
fabricated hierarchy. (Hint: All hierarchies are fabricated.)

In this membership, we celebrate each other’s wins as our own and we reach out  to each other when we slip, or fall flat on our face.

Our motto: Authenticity > “high vibe.” 


Our Truth: We’re much more powerful together.

The SM Membership Details

2 Guiding Pillars

Nourish + Reprogram

Nourish fills our cups so that we can continue to pour into our clients.

Reprogram helps us to decondition the 3 societal pressures and leave hustling and pushing behind.

2 Group SM Energy Meditations

Twice a month you have the opportunity to join the live recording of an guided energy work meditation.

We use the tool of meditation to guide you through doing your own energy work as well as receive it.

The focuses are determined by polls in the Facebook Group, so even if you cannot attend live, you will still have a say in the focus of that meditation.

1 Container, 2 pieces

The SM Membership is the entirety of the container, but it is made up of 2 pieces – the Facebook Group and the Membership Dashboard hosted on the website.

The Facebook Group is used for community support, polls, weekly tips and tricks, as well as keeping tack of upcoming meditations.

The Membership Dashboard hosts all the previously recorded meditations and acts as a library for all of the membership content.

Weekly Tips + Tricks

Each week, you’ll receive quick tips and/or tricks that you can easily implement or keep in mind as you are creating and growing your business.

Examples include:

Schedule in time to do nothing this week! Decondition that response to be constantly busy or doing something productive! We need time without any directed outcomes!

Your clients pick up on your energy and the energy of your business. What does the energy of your business feel like to you? How do you want it to feel? Practice showing up in that way!

We need to fill our needs so we can pour over from our own cups. But they tend to get pushed to the side. Which needs of yours do you want to be extra intentional about filling this week that maybe have been put on the back burner recently?


Bonus 1


Bonus 2


Bonus 3



“Being an entrepreneur, even with a partner, family, and friend support, can be very isolating and daunting. The pressure to make something happen, to make a sale, to keep afloat, can really psych you out to quit. But Shelby provides that rock solid, practical support to keep going. It’s much easier to beat the odds with her energetic insight and her unflagging and genuine optimism. If you want your small biz to have a better chance at not only surviving but thriving, Shelby Melissa’s support is ESSENTIAL.”

-Deborah Beckwin

“I attended one of Shelby’s group sessions, and it was wondeful! She is a master at caring for and directing your energy (she’s literally a rose quartz crystal for you + your biz).

Shelby’s energy work helped me gain clarity on my paths of abundance and where they were coming from. Her session also helped me widen those paths and remove the blocks that were in the way. If you’re looking to shift your energy or the energy of your biz, I highly recommend working with Shelby!

-Ardelia Lee

“Shelby is not only an Energy Master but a kind and connected being that has helped me commit to nourishing myself. Our work together has allowed me to become more mindful of my energy levels and to respect my own boundaries.

– Dr. Alexis Edwards
The Expansion Principle Institute

So why entrepreneurs of all genders?

Have you ever noticed how traditional entrepreneur spaces seem to be dominated by cismen?
And many alternative spaces that have been created online are for ciswomen?

Both tend to be inundated with antiquated gender roles.
Men must push and be aggressive. They must fight with each other to come out on top. Work is their life. Women are seen as their opposite. They must be more passive – using the feminine power of their womb. Her business is not expected to come first. It is an intense hobby, but she still must care for the home, raise the kids, and support her husband in his job.

But these spaces tend to leave you and me out. People who don’t conform to these stereotypes.
We may not want kids. We may belong to polyamourous relationships. We may be fat. Have melanated skin. Be neuro-diverse. Be gender fluid or gender non-conforming. Be queer and anything but straight. We may be low-energy cuties and spoonies.

And we face different challenges in our lives and businesses.

But whatever the reason, we don’t fit in.

So we are creating our own spaces.

Spaces where we can be seen and wholly validated for who we are.

And this is one of them.

This is our refuge.

Free from the pressures of society to perform, produce, and profit.
(Or as much as we can be without being completely removed from society.)


“Shelby has a gift for helping you reconnect to your soul and the soul of your business. Her sessions help me re charge and re focus my energy, so I can be more creative and productive!

-Anna Claire

“Shelby nurtured my whole being and business so much! Since working with Shelby the visions I had douring our healing meditation has enlightened me to move into where I can receive SO MUCH MORE of my desires. Who doesn’t want that?! Shelby allowed me an opportunity to grow and I’m so thankful! Her presence and professionalism really made me feel taken care of, so comfortable and graceful. I loved specifically she held space for me in a virtual group online type of space. It was so personal and exactly what I needed!

-Toby Hana

“We don’t have to do all the things by ourselves and Shelby is great at doing the things that are so needed we may not even know they’re needed until we experience the shift she provides – she helped me wake up to receiving energy work that I didn’t have to do by myself and also explore using multiple centers in my body to intuit with instead of feeling limited to finding the “right” or “best” way to do it.”

-Lori Robin
of Improvide with Lori

Are you a wave-maker?

The wave-makers in this community –

Does any of that sound like you? Do you have big visions for the impact you want to create?

Then this membership is for you!


“You’ll leave [the group SM Energy Work Session] super refreshed, feeling supported, and you may even gain some clarity on whatever is on your mind – whether business or personal!

-Pam December
Mad for Purple

Kelli 01

“Shelby’s energy work is some of the most gentle and creative and supportive I’ve personally experienced. She helps you manage and understand the relationship between you, your energy, and your business’ energy so you have more control, feel less exhausted, and experience more momentum in your biz and life.

-Kelli Tompkins

Hey! Shelby Melissa again!

I’m so honored and excited that you are interested in the membership!

I believe we have the power to create change – within ourselves and in the world.

After graduating with my Masters of Social Work, I struggled. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was burnt out. I hadn’t given myself a strong foundation for making and creating change. Because, although I was learning and reprogramming, I hadn’t been nourishing myself.

I saw the changes we made in the world, but I had to focus on making change within myself. And I did.

I went from burnt out to creating and running a business.

I know you can do the same. I know you can make changes within yourself. That you can deprogram, nourish, and THRIVE! Not just in life, but in business and in your vision as well!


Well, you try it! But I’m pretty sure you are going to like it and want to be here if you are someone who is not just dreaming of a business, but you are someone who wants to give back. If you are someone who wants to make a positive impact. And you are looking for a supportive group where you can work through the inner stuff so you can do the outer stuff with one another.

But, if you are really unsure, please feel free to email us at and we would be happy to talk about what might be a good fit for you!

No! If you don’t have a business yet, this will still support you as you create the foundation. You still need to be nourished and reprogram as you are starting one!

If you don’t plan to ever start a business, you are still welcome, but know that the content is speaking to business owners, what is it like having a business, and their goals for moving their businesses forward.

There are two that we will be hosting each month, preferably, near the beginning and end of the month. But there will be an availability poll in the community group where you can click which times and dates work best for you, and we’ll do our best to accommodate everyone!

Shelby will be holding the live events, making posts and responding to comments in the group – and all that jazz! If you want more access to Shelby, reach out to us at and we’ll see if there is a better option for you!

Clients have had wonderful results from our work together and I believe that you can too! However, we legally cannot guarantee any specific results. Each of our lives are different and how we synthesize information is different. But if you are struggling or feel like you aren’t seeing any results, let’s chat and see what we can do to get you there!

Given the nature of the membership, we do not issue refunds. But there are links provided to you within the membership area for canceling your membership at any time.

Of course! Feel free to email us at and we can get those questions answered for you!

"REMINDER: Shelby is an energy goddess - you need to work with her!

Imagine this with me -


Oh, and of course a growing business making MORE IMPACT and MORE INCOME!

FUCK! That sounds good doesn’t it?

Then take this invitation and join the SM Membership.

 Monthly Payment

$127  $74

– Beta Membership pricing! (Pricing will go for Jan 2021, but you can lock in the beta pricing before then.)
– 2 SM Energy Meditations a month
– A private Facebook group for community, support, connection, celebration, and keeping track of call dates
– Access to all replays in the Membership Dashboard
– Weekly tips and tricks for shifting your energy and mindset in your business

– Bonus: The Rejuvenate Meditation Collection
– Bonus: The Journal Prompts Collection
– Bonus: The Tapping Collection

* Unsubscribe at any time by letting us know, or by using the appropriate unsubscribe links in the membership.
We do ask however, that if you can, to give the membership a try for a whole season to get the full experience.
* By enrolling in this membership, you agree to our Terms of Service.

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