The Spiral of Healing – Why you keep healing the same stuff

Why does it seem to be that we keep attempting to heal the same stuff? We hit the same walls over and over again. It is because healing is a spiral. What does that mean? Let’s dive in!

The Cycle of Healing – Why you keep healing the same stuff

Do you find yourself coming back to the same wounds over and over again, even after you’ve felt like you healed it already?

I know I have. And it can be frustrating. Like “I’ve already dealt with this! Why I am still here?”

You did deal with it. You did heal it. But now you have to heal it on a different level.

Deep wounds can affect us on multiple levels. And the deeper they are, the more levels it affects, and the more healing needs to be done.

It is like a spiral. You cycle around and heal it, then you cycle back around but on a deeper level and heal it again. It is cyclical, and it spirals. That is why you keep coming back to it! That is why you have healed it again and again and there is still more healing to do.

Watch my video below on one way I experienced this recently! Then comment below and tell me about your experiences!

What did you think? Do you experience this spiral? Tell me about it below!
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