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arrow Are you ready to step into your FULL power?
arrow Do you want more confidence, joy, and ease in life?
arrow Want to open the channel for ALL that you desire to come to you?
arrow Are you ready to step into your awakening?

I have wanted all of these things. I was ready for all of this and so much more. So, I did the work and have carved a path into the landscape. Come with me. I’ll show you the way to find and release your divine self.

And here is your map text

It is called, Unlock the Divine You. This map is a four week journey, a course to find the divine being within you. Week One lays down the basics and sets you up for the rest of the course. Week Two introduces you to your divine self and helps you to build a strong and solid connection. Week Three is all about exploring that connection and giving you tools for your own growth. Lastly, Week Four helps you to create the space for unlocking your divine self, stepping fully into your wakening and your power.

Pretty amazing right?


Through this course you will have:

arrow aided in awakening your intuitive senses- using them in a new way
arrow gained tools for creating more joy in your life, especially in expressing your true self (What isn’t wonderful about expressing divine energy, your divine self?)
arrow connected to one more guiding spirit – YOU!
arrow allowed the divine to help you, to work with you, and through you – because it is you!
arrow added another way to heal and release the past, including past lives, to your toolbox
arrow faced some of your fears and worked through them in a productive and divine way
arrow experienced divine love FOR YOU, and know that you deserve and are worthy of your own love
arrow gained more hope for your life and your future – gained the sight and perspective to see it
arrow AND opened the channel to receive everything you desire

You Deserve All Of That text

So get the map, and let’s start on your journey to Unlock the Divine You!


Early Bird Pricing has ended! Get the course at: shelbymelissa.com/unlockthedivineyou