Up Your Biz Energy: Cultivate it + Boost it for Results

Up Your Biz Energy - video sereis
Are you ready?!I’m going to blow your mind with some info in this Video Series!
But before we get to that, you have to know:
EVERYTHING is energy. And yes! Even your Biz!
So let’s catch you up to speed!
I’ve been working with energy for YEAAARS now. Since 2002. And I became a Reiki Master on 01/01/2015. But it wasn’t until more recently that I realized, you can do energy work with your business! (Like the middle of 2017, recently.)
And at some poking by a friend, I started sending reiki to people’s businesses, including my own! And people are seeing some incredible results!
>> One of my clients sold 6 oil blends, immediately following one of our sessions.
>> Another one of my clients sold a reiki session, during our session, and then gained a web design client following the session!
>> Another, another client ended their week with 12 sessions sold for one of their offers!
>> And I grew my business by almost 6x last year! Almost sextupled what I made the year before!
In this 3 part video series, I’m going to be talking about:
1. Energy and what it means for your business,
2. How you can use your energy to affect the energy of your biz,
3. And how you can directly cultivate the energy you want in your business!
Are you ready?!
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