Up Your Biz Energy Video One

YEAY! Here you are!
I’m so proud of you! You are going to be seeing your biz in a whole new way!
I’m so excited!! (If you couldn’t tell, lol.)
Watch Video One, then answer the questions below for insight!

Your Homework:
Take some time to think about the questions below. Dive into them when you journal. Take conscious moments throughout your day to record your answers to these questions multiple times.

  1. When you think about your biz, how do you feel?
  2. When you are interacting with your biz (working on it, thinking about it, etc), how do you feel?
  3. What energies do you think your clients are picking up in your biz from you?

These questions are designed to help you become more aware and intentional about the energy you bring to your business.
Tomorrow, you’ll receive Video Two in which you’ll learn what you can do to change your energy and affect your business through the feedback loop you learned about today.
So don’t worry if the energies you are bringing are not ones you wish to embody in your biz. You can change them. And I’ll be showing you how!
See you in Video Two!