Up Your Biz Energy Video Three

Welcome Back!
This is the last day of our video series!
I’m so grateful you are here on Video Three!

Alright, so in Video One we laid down the foundations. You learned about your biz having energy and the feedback loop in which you have an impact on the energy of your business and through that loop, your clients feel that energy.
In Video Two, we went over things that you can do to affect and change the energy in your business through utilizing that feedback loop to your advantage.
And now today, I’m going to go over how you can influence your business’s energy directly.
And remember, You have the Power!

Watch Video Three, then do the homework for maximum impact! (As you already know!)

Your Homework:

  1. Do the Grounding activity and tune into the roots of your business.
  2. Journal on how you want you business to feel. What do you want your clients to feel when interacting with your business? (viewing your website, watching your videos, buying your products or services, etc)
  3. Do the Clearing activity and tune into the energy within your business. Clear out energies you don’t want and infuse it with energies that you do want that you journaled on.

Doing the homework, especially number three, will help to shift the energy within your business quickly. If something doesn’t feel right, clear it quickly. But remember to check in with your energy, because you are powerful and have an influence on your business too.

That wraps up our time together!
But that doesn’t mean we have to part!

Now that you know how to do these things, take some time and do them!
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And let’s keep in touch! Join me in the That Magic Life Facebook Group, if you haven’t already, and tell me everything that is going on in your business! I’d love to hear how things are going!