Up Your Biz Energy Video Two

Welcome Back!
I’m so happy you are choosing to continue on this journey! It is SO important for you and your business! And you are choosing to take steps towards your dreams!
So much love to you!!
Alright, so in Video One we laid down the foundations. You learned about your biz having energy and the feedback loop in which you have an impact on the energy of your business and through that loop, your clients feel that energy.
Today, we are going over what YOU can do to affect and change the energy in YOUR BUSINESS!
YOU have the POWER! How awesome is that?
Watch Video Two, then do the homework for maximum impact!

Your Homework:

  1. Do the Grounding and Centering meditation in the video.
  2. Find a second way you can change your energy. What things make you happy? What things feel cleansing to you? Do some experimenting and see what you like. Then add that to your routine and commit – be it once a week, every couple of days, or once a month.

It is important to change your energy because even if we work within the energy of your business, you are still a huge influence on your business. Remember, You Are POWERFUL!
So do these things, and them combine them with what you’ll learn tomorrow.
Tomorrow, you’ll receive Video Three in which you’ll learn what you can do to change and affect the energy of your business DIRECTLY.
I’m especially excited to be sharing this with you tomorrow!
See you in Video Three!