Vibes, Vibrations, + Frequency

Here are my definitions of vibes, vibrations, + frequency – and how other definitions play into things like inequality and imbalance.

Vibes, Vibrations, + Frequency

Vibes, Vibrations, + Frequency

I don’t seem to see things the same way that some other people do.

This isn’t to say that there aren’t some people who may view things the same way, but what I am saying is that I don’t seem to have the same definitions as people who are more vocal or heard in the spiritual realm do.

And the last time I shared these views in a spiritual group, I was told that I was wrong and the more I learned, (implying that I don’t have experience or understanding), the more I would see that I was wrong. (Which was rude.)

But that hasn’t been the case. The more I learn, the more I experience – the more I see that I just don’t see things the same way. And the more that I think we actually need to change the current system because it is creating imbalances.

Here’s what I see:

Vibes =/= Vibrations. Vibes = Feelings. For example, when I say something has peaceful vibes, I mean that the feelings I get are peaceful. I think many people actually mean this, but they also equate it with vibrations, which I do not see as the same thing.

Vibrations on the other hand are waves, they are the back and forth movement that we see on things like seismographs when they record earthquakes or electromagnetic waves.

Frequency relates to this in that it talks about how closely or spaced out the waves are. I’ve included a photo from the Qualitative Reasoning Group at Northwestern University for reference. In it you will see high frequency radio waves at the top and low frequency radio waves at the bottom.

Radio waves of high frequency and low frequency

This means that high is no better than lower. Keeping our vibrations at a high frequency only means keeping the waves closer together. And many things, including earthquakes and racing hearts, have shorter wave lengths. And the opposite is also true.

This all tends to line up with physics and the definitions used there.

So how does this all then play out?

Well, it has also been said that the Crown Chakra has a higher vibration, and thus frequency, while the Root Chakra has a lower vibration and frequency. With the high = good, low = bad ideology, we get that the Root Chakra is bad. And it isn’t. It is just one of many energy centers in our body. What I do believe is not good is the imbalance that this can create with people only trying to live in the upper chakras without actually grounding and tending to the lower ones as well.

It also reminds me of the high magic versus low magic thing that went around while I was on Tumblr like 5/6 years ago. (And I am sure continues to go around, finding new circles to swish around in.) High magic, which is usually equated with elaborate rituals, was touted as better than low magic, which is usually equated with folk magic. And because it was better, whomever did high magic was a better witch or magic user than those who did low magic. When really, that is not the case.

To me, it also just further echos hierarchies – the higher you are the better, but also the more pure, more moral, more desirable you are. And the lower you are the more bad you are. As we saw laid out in the high magic versus low magic piece above.

And because the language reinforces this, I also consider it to be a caution flag when looking at who to listen to as a coach, teacher, or mentor. (Separately, you can read some of the other things to consider here.)

So, I think, if our definitions are leading to these kinds of things, we need to change them. Which is why I took time to reflect on my own definitions and why I am posing new ones for people to consider and decide to uptake or not.


What do you think? What are your definitions of vibes, vibrations, + frequency? Feel free to share in the comments below!

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