Vision Board Party Replay

The 4 Steps Broken Down

Reviewing the Vibe
What was a vibe in 2022 year?
– What was not a vibe in 2022
– What is the vibe for 2023?

Creating the vibe via Pinterest
– You can totally create it fully in Canva, but I like the wide range of things and ease of search in Pinterest a bit better, personally. You do you though.

Creating the board via Canva
– Save a handful of images from Pinterest. Be really intentional.
– Pick a collage template or use the one provided.
– Upload the images from Pinterest to Canva
– Drag and drop in the images you uploaded

Do the Energy Work to add a bit of *Magic*

What if you could increase the guarantee that you would achieve your 2023 goals?

You already have the vibe down for 2023. But how are you making the vibe a reality?

The vision board was just the beginning. If you want to make it a reality, you need a plan.

But a plan without direction is just wasted energy.

Here’s what you really need next:

Clear, measurable goals.

In the Bangin’ New Year’s Bundle, you will further reflect on and release 2022, get clear on your goals and set them in a way that optimizes them for success, begin to address the limiting beliefs that will hold you back, and of course work a little magic.

It is the trifecta of strategy, mindset, and energy all in one easy to follow video bundle that will help you have a successful and magical year.

Achieving your goals is priceless. The joy. The confidence. The Saturnian sense of completion. And of course the excuses for celebration. (And I fully encourage you to do so.)

The impact that the Bangin’ New Year’s Bundle will have on your life is unquantifiable. It isn’t something that you can put a dollar amount to.

But I know that with the gifting holidays coming up, budgets can be tight. You aren’t a mega corporation, nor are you a start-up with angel investors. You are a real living breathing human. You are the investor of time, money, blood, tears, and so much more for your business. 

And your success is a good in the world.

The Bangin’ New Year’s Bundle is on sale for $97, now through December 31st.

This gives you time to watch and implement before the Sales Planning Party on January 13th 2023, in which you’ll use your goals to create your flexible and successful sales for the year! Aren’t you excited? Then don’t wait! Get started!

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