Welcome Student of Light!

  • You are learning about your spiritual skills.
  • You’ve got messages to receive and guidance to give,
  • You know you are here to create some waves.
  • You’ve got a purpose to fulfill and you aren’t waiting any longer!

Let’s get you connecting to your intuition and fulfilling your purpose!

1:1 Intuition Mentoring with Shelby Melissa

We will:

  • Work through blocks keeping you from growing your intuition and living your purpose.
  • Destroy and flip limiting beliefs so that instead of being held back by limits, you are propelled forward by expansiveness!
  • Shift energies and open channels for a clearer connection to your intuition.
  • And further explore what your intuition can do for you!

How this works – you’ll get 3 1:1 sessions with me to be used over a 2 month period. Each session will last 1 hour.

During our time together, I’ll use a combination of Reiki/energy work, divination, and mentoring to help you further connect to your intuition and help you live your purpose!

This special offer would normally cost $390.

But as I said in the interview with Karishma, I want this to be accessible. I believe in you and the positive change you are here to create.

So, through March 31st, you can work with me for only $77.70 USD.

But this price will go up on April 1st to $111 USD, before it closes on April 20th.

Are you ready to further connect to your intuition and truly live your purpose?

Yes! I'm Ready!
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I can’t wait to work with you and see all of the waves you make!